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Adoption Services

We are available to speak with you and to guide you to a top resource within California. We may also directly help you to find adoptive parents who are right for you. If you live outside of California, and wish to remain in your home state, we also may be able to refer you to someone who can direct you to an appropriate resource.  

We have worked in the field of adoption for over twenty-five years, and our services are confidential, friendly, and helpful.  We are very choosy about the adoption resources we use on your behalf.  We pick only those qualified persons who have shown themselves to us to be among the very best. 

Once you are matched with the family of your choice, we may provide counseling services for you, if you wish.  California law states that birth mothers have a right to at least three counseling sessions with the Adoption Service Provider or any licensed therapist of her choice. The adoptive parents are responsible for those fees.

Please contact us now.  If you phone outside business hours, please be sure to leave your name and phone number, including area code, and we will contact you.  Please indicate whether or not we can leave a message if you are not home.  Or you can contact us by e-mail at

If you live outside California, and wish to move to this State for the duration of your pregnancy and adoption process, arrangements can be made once you are matched

Below is a list of birth parent services we provide:

  • Adoption Service Provider
  • Ongoing contact with our birth mothers
  • Efficient, dependable, friendly services
  • Notary (e.g. birth father waivers)
  • Counseling (in person, by phone, or by web-cam)
  • Psychological assessment
  • Referrals for psychological evaluations when necessary
  • Referrals to qualified adoption attorneys, agencies
  • Research on ever-changing adoption laws
  • ICPC documents
  • Native American clearance
  • Placement of older children from other countries
  • Spanish speaking counselors