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We at Life Focus Center support adoption and recognize the love and commitment of both the birth mother/father and the adoptive parent/s in this bittersweet process. In independent adoptions, the match is essential. Getting the word out about yourself as adoptive parent/s is key to the process. We support you by offering to put your profile on our website as a courtesy. We are open to all who wish to send their profile, regardless of ethnicity, religion, marital status, or gender/preferences. With independent adoptions in California, home studies may be done after the placement of the child. You open your options to adopt across state-lines, however, if you have completed your home study. We wish you all the best and support you however we can.

Dr. Elaine Kindle

The profile of Marianne and Jeff Waters.

The profile of John and Trang Leete. You can right click and download this pdf file.

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Adoptive parent(s) you can email us your profile in pdf or word formats.

Birth parent(s) email us if you are interested in some of the above profiles.