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Adoption Testimonials

Here are some testimonials Dr. Kindle received as part of her work as an Adoption Service Provider. All have been authorized to be put on the web:

Alex four years old

Alex happily celebrates Christmas.

We were referred to Dr. Elaine Kindle, of the Life Focus Center, to be our Adoption Service Provider. We found her to be reassuring, empathetic and informative with regard to the legal issues we were facing with our short notice adoption. Of the numerous people from various agencies we were required to work with, we found Dr. Kindle to be the most professional and conscientious of them all. She promptly returned our calls, and answered all of our questions. Not only did Dr. Kindle help navigate us through the process of working with our birthmother, the adoption agency and the State of California, she provided emotional support as well. We highly recommend her with the utmost confidence.

Aaron and Cindy Amey


Working with Dr. Elaine Kindle as our Adoption Service Provider has truly been a blessing. She was an advocate for us, the adoptive parents, as well as the birth parents throughout the entire adoptive process. Her knowledge and compassion helped make the entire adoption process as stress free and joyful as possible. We owe her our heartfelt thanks every time we look into our children's faces.

Stuart and Nick


Dear Prospective adoptive parents,

We wanted to take opportunity to share a little bit about our adoption experience. We waited 7 years to have a child. When we met our baby’s birth mother who was 8 months along at the time, thankfully she chose us to adopt her baby. With Dr. Kindle’s help, we were able to take our new bundle of joy home with us two days after she was born. This has been such an awesome journey. We are so thankful and blessed to be able to raise such a
beautiful baby girl.

Richard & Rhonda


Dear Dr. Kindle,
You don’t know how much we appreciate EVERYTHING you did for our family during this adoption. It is hard to find someone, such as yourself, who is willing to go out of her way, especially during the Christmas holidays, to do everything in her power to get us home. We could not have asked for any better support and assistance than you gave us during this process. Of all the people involved in this adoption, you seemed to be the only one willing to take it upon yourself to help us out. You really went above and beyond anything we could have expected.

Thank you,

John B.



Dr. Elaine Kindle

Made our experience a joyful and pleasant one. She is courteous, punctual and extremely thorough. It was a pleasure working with her.


Vincent, Valerie & Rocco C.



Dear Dr. Kindle,

I wanted to thank you for your kind heart and understanding under these uncertain times. When I went to schedule our first meeting with you for the birth mother you suggested that my husband and I attend the meeting, if the birth mother agreed. At first I was uncomfortable with the idea but I am so glad you encouraged us to be there. The birth mother, her sister, my husband and myself all showed up on a Saturday afternoon. You immediately made us feel calm because the birth mother was late. I know your primary concern was for the birth mother but you were awesome in making us feel welcome and a part of the whole process. I cannot stress enough how your kindness is so welcoming when others can be so judgmental. Thank you again from our expanded family.

Jim, Eleesha, Casen and baby Kennedy


I found Dr. Elaine Kindle to be professional, thorough, and very helpful to both the birthparents and to me in making sure the adoption was successfully completed.

Cynthia C.


Elaine Kindle was highly professional and articulate advocator in my adoption process. She was very competent and I would recommend her to anyone.

Leslie M. (Cynthia C.'s birth mother)



Our Adoption Service Provide, Dr. Elaine Kindle, made our experience simple, easy and non-stresful. We would recommend her services to anyone in a similar situation.
Rick & Dominique Gibb

My time with my child at the hospital talking with her future mother and father and Elaine Kindle, our Adoption Service Provider, was a great experience. I do love my child and plan to enjoy many moments with her and her new family. I am very lucky to know my daughter will be loved and cared for by them. I am thankful for this.
Daisy L. (Rick & Dominique Gibb's birth mother)



My experience with Life Focus Center has been a very pleasant one. Since the moment I first called for information, Dr. Elaine Kindle was very helpful and welcoming. The staff at Life Focus Center made this experience very easy. They put my worries at ease and always made me feel comfortable.
Elizabeth Fender, adoptive parent

The services provided by Dr. Elaine Kindle at Life Focus Center was prompt and easy and every time we met we were treated really nicely by everyone there. I recommend Dr. Kindle to anyone looking into adoption.
Monica B., birth mother (The Fenders' birth mother)



On October 5, 2005 , we were introduced to a beautiful little girl named Rachel Michelle.  The birth mother was gracious enough to allow us the opportunity to be present for Rachel’s birth and we will be forever grateful to her for the experience.  As the adoption process began, we arranged to bring the birth mother to Life Focus Center to meet with Dr. Kindle and to sign all the paperwork.  We are thankful that our attorney, Audrey Alexander, and Dr. Kindle have been helpful in guiding us through the adoption process.

Christina & Danny Bartlett

I met the adoptive parents the day of birth and felt very comfortable with them.  I would definitely encourage girls my age, or teenage girls, to think about adoption.  I went with it because I want to finish out school and go to college.  If you’re scared to tell your parents, don’t be cause their reaction might surprise you and they could be supportive of your decision. (Christina & Danny’s birth mother, age 15).