Uncertainty is a great fact of life

Uncertainty is a great fact of life enjoy and appreciate it. One of the characteristics of people who live in peace and are successful is that they know how to live with [tag]uncertainty[/tag]. But what do I mean by uncertainty? Uncertainty is when you don’t know which way something is going to go and it […]

Assertiveness lessons from the Gita

What do you do to defend yourself when someone attacks you? Do you simply turn the other cheek or do you hit out to defend yourself? I don’t know. I do not have an answer. Ram Dass says that I don’t know is one of the best mantras we should repeat. Whatever the question, first […]

Yes, you can

I’m proudly watching the inauguration of President Barack Hussein Obama. This is not a political post but a psychological post. Obama’s election shows that in the USA anything is possible. I was born in Iran, grew up in England and have relatives, and friends all over Western Europe. I can guarantee that this could not […]

Balance between doing and becoming

It is possible to spend way too much time on learning how to do (becoming) and it is possible to take actions blindly without learning from the experience of others. A good balance between the two is needed. If you spend too much time preparing (the [tag]perfectionist trap[/tag]) you’ll [tag]procrastinate[/tag] and never start the task […]

You are right

[tag]Mullah Nasrudin[/tag] was a judge and the prosecutor put up a great indictment. The Mullah said, “You are right.” The defense was just as eloquent and eruditely countered point by point. Nasrudin nodded and said, “You are right.” The clerk of the court who was taking notes shook his head and said, “But Mullah, they […]

Sharpen that axe

[tag]Mullah Nasrudin[/tag] was cutting a tree with a rusty axe and it was obvious he was getting nowhere fast. A friend was passing and asked, “Mullah why don’t you sharpen that axe.” Nasrudin replied, “I have to cut this tree down fast. I don’t have any time.” [tag]Benjamin Francklin[/tag] said about this, “If I had […]

If you cannot get over it, dive deep into it

When you feel good, glad, and happy  stay with it. Accept it and appreciate it. Understand that it will pass ad so enjoy it even more in the moment. However, there are times you feel bad, sad and gloomy and normally by just knowing that this too shall pass and looking at the present moment […]

Fail forawrd fast

I have been writing that if you double your failures by taking more risks you’ll more than double your successes. One way to increase your “failures” is to [tag]fail forward fast[/tag]. This means take a risk. Act now! Act fast! Act fearlessly! Chances are you’ll be successful but suppose you are not. Do not delay […]

Know when to declare victory

In the sixties when Vietnam war was going strong and all thinking people knew that there was no way Unites States could win the war lots of us used to say, “Let’s declare victory and go homes.” This is very good advice in your daily life. Today, I had the goal to bring up another […]

Double your failures

When someone asked Thomas John Watson, Sr. the chairman of IBM how he could double his success the brilliant buisnessman and salesman replied, “Simple double your failures.” It is that simple, in order to be more successful you need take more risks. For a very long time Babe Ruth had the highest number of home […]