Karma means action and the fact that every action has some causes and in turn causes other actions. There is in reality no sense of good or bad in Karma and no question of blame or getting your just deserts morally. This morning I woke up at 3:45 to go to the gym. Some times […]

Use your brain or lose it

The brain is your most sensitive and useful organ. Never the less it is an organ and the same that holds for your muscles is true of your brain. The science of aging experts (geriatrics) have long known that people who keep their brains active to old age fare much better at cognitive skills than […]

The meaning of valor

[tag]What is bravery[/tag], courage, valor? Does it mean someone who does not feel fear? Does it mean someone who is foolhardy? Does it mean a person who takes excessive risks? Is a person who takes an apparent brave action because she is too scared to defy what is expected of her brave? Is the soldier […]

Reframe it

Would a beautiful painting be seen as well if it was in an ugly frame? And would a not so good painting look good in a great frame? That is the principle we use in psychology by reframing events and situations. For example there are some men cutting the threes from one of the neighboring […]

Become healthy and fit through a healthy diet

Being overweight is one of the major causes of preventable disease today. The major reason people are overweight or suffer from minor and major health risks is that they don’t eat a healthy diet. Remember it’s called junk food for a reason. Would you put junk oil in a classic Rolls Royce? Why do you […]

I greet this day with love in my heart

Everything in life is a question of selling something to someone – mainly to yourself to be honest. In fact one of my seminars is about persuasion and is called “Life is a sales job.” I’ll write more about that next time I’m about to give the seminar. Many years ago I read a wonderful […]

First things first

[tag]Steven Covey[/tag] writes about first things first in his wonderful book series “seven habits” and the “eighth habit” I read the book such a long time ago but I think he meant do the important things first. That is obviously a great way of achieving success. The question is what are your top priorities? And […]

Go for a random walk

A [tag]random walk[/tag] (also known as a drunkard’s walk) is a concept in games theory and statistics. Today, I went for an actual random walk and had a great time doing so. This is the way it works you go for a walk and before you reach each junction you make an intention deciding which […]