Extreme low calorie starvation diet

I have been answering some question on yahoo answers and many people ask how much weight they would lose if they ate very low calorie diets or drank only water for week. First fast’s are great for detoxification and I do a three to five day fast at least twice a year but I do […]

What you put out you receive

An angry man comes to the vilage gate and asks the old man squating and basking in the bright sunlight what the village is like since he is moving to a new village. The old man says, “What was your old vilage like?” The man says,”It was awful. It was full of thieves and people […]

Eleven ways to eat fewer calories

We get different neural clues to satiety. Parts come from our stomach, others from our nose, eyes and most importantly our brains. The following use these signals correctly to tell us that we have eaten enough: It takes twenty minutes for enough glucose and other nutrients to enter our brains and for us to know […]

How to reduce your weight for good

To learn to reduce your weight permanently for good you need to understand the concept of Weight Set Point and know that you have to work at a good weight loss program constantly by improving your eating habits and exercise more. You didn’t gain your excess weight overnight and it is not reasonable to imagine […]

Every little bit helps

I was answering a question on weight loss in Yahoo Answers and the person asking the question mentioned that he had stopped exercising for a while and his weight was the same but he was fatter. This was my answer: Fat weighs less than muscle and as you have lost muscle and replaced it with […]

Be thankful for little things

There is a stray cat that we feed whenever he visits us. He has been neglected and most probably abused by the owners of his mother and is very skittish and avoids people including us who feed him. At the sane time recently a wild aggressive stray cat has been visiting our back yard and […]

How to lose potential business

Each year I’,m a guest lecturer at a university teaching Ph.D. student about hypnosis and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). Tomorrow is this years lecture. So this morning there’s a sales call and I tell the sales person to give me the bottum line since I have no time and I have to get ready for an […]

Take positive action – any positive action

There are times when you are disappointed and things are not quite going right. In fact there are times you may wonder, “Good God, what next?” as things continue to go wrong and no matter what you do and have a small victory something else goes wrong. It is exactly at these times that we […]

Take your eyes out for a walk

I work a lot behind the computer and so after a maximum of two hours I go for a short walk. The reason is that the human eye evolved over millions of years to be good at seeing the objects of nature with their chaotic shapes and beautiful greens (our eyes are most sensitive in […]

Worry not

I wrote worry not rather than don’t worry because the unconscious mind cannot tell the difference between a positive and a negative. There are many times that things come up which produce fear for the future. This puts us into the [tag]fight or flight syndrome[/tag] or gets us in the “deer in the headlights” paralyzed […]