Forgiving while still standing for your rights

Those of you who know me or those who have been to my seminars or to this website a lot know that  forgiveness is the linchpin of all my work. I have already mentioned that there is an issue of how to forgive while you are still being assertive. It is important to be assertive […]

Drink tea for health

Tea is fast becoming one of the most popular drinks in the world. Tea tastes excellent, and it is a very versatile drink, but most importantly it is also extremely healthy for you as well. Many of the “green aging areas” of the world where people are long lived are known for the amount of […]

Appreciate what you see

I was going for a little walk to rest my eyes after adding a new article about student loan consolidation and the flowers in the neighbors’ gardens were beautiful. In fact, I had my little digital camera with me and I took some photos of the flowers. I was enjoying the heat of the California […]

One hundred percent of nothing

Many years ago I owned a cassette duplication company and made demo tapes for musicians and duplicated tapes for hypnotherapists among others. In fact that’s on of the reason’s I ended studying hypnotherapy and getting my doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy. At this time I ended up getting to know a few people in and in […]

Do not read this

Don’t read this article on cattle feed and factory farming unless you want to be disturbed. Really disturbed. OK, what should you not read? Factory farming in the USA is cruel and disgusting. If we knew what goes on in these factory farms, I doubt if we would ever eat meat again. By the way: […]

Forgiveness to release

I was talking to a friend the other day and he was telling me he was having some problems with his mother and sibling. I explained to him that the linchpin of all my therapy was forgiveness. Thus if someone comes to me to reduce weight, stop smoking, improve studying habits, improve exam results, we […]

Use the city

If you, like me, live in a big city, use the great facilities big city’s have. Cities have lots of negative aspects. There is bad traffic, polluted air, crime, lack of friendship with people and other negative things. However, big cities have many advantages. They have much more facilities for arts and entertainment. Last night […]

Peaks and valleys

For the last two weeks I have not written as much as I normally do since I have to work on the server to make sure this and our other websites remain online. We had 450,000 files on the server and were informed that we could have a maximum of 50,000. It has been quite […]

Fast to detoxify

First a little warning: never fast without consulting with your physician first to make sure your body can withstand fasting. So long as you can fast, fasting is a most wonderful way to detoxify your body. I personally fast about four times a year. Each fast can last between three to seven days. I drink […]

Take some time off

Last Monday (a week ago) I received an email from our hosting company that we had more than 450,000 files on the server and we were only allowed to have a miximum of 50,000. I first started deleting some excess duplicate files and quickly realized that this was not going to reduce the files to […]