Why Michelangelo Weight Management Seminar?

Many years ago I had the good fortune to be studying Chemistry under the Nobel prize winner, Sir Derick Barton, at Imperial College, London. The nearest underground station was South Kensington and we would walk up Exhibition Road to the Chemistry department. There was an underground tunnel which went part of the way and typically […]

Silently Thank Everyone You Meet

I’m going through a book called "Effortless Prosperity," by Bijan. It is based on "A Course In Miracles." However, whereas the later has a 365 day period of the workbook, the former is a set of daily exercises lasting only thirty days. Today’s exercise if to thank each person you meet silently or aloud. This […]

Unconditional love

True love is totally unconditional. It is the love of the mother (I don’t mean necessarily your physical mother or father – but in some spiritual systems there are masculine and feminine aspects of the divine). The love of this divine mother is absolute and non-judgmental. It is the love which says, "Go and sin […]

Thank your angels

Yesterday I was in a slight hurry. Exactly as I got into my car a huge gas guzzler (already my prejudices started showing) stopped in a spot that I could not get out of the parking spot. I waited and waited as the person being dropped off said her goodbyes and kissed the driver (taking […]

Getting better all the time

Unfortunately in the USA we have been concentrating too much on winning, rather than being good. We have heard that winning is the only thing. I don’t know about you, but when I play chess against a weaker opponent, I typically win but I don’t enjoy those games. Some of my favorite games have been […]

You are always the target

I have written many times and have said to my clients and in seminars, "You are not the target." So what do I mean by writing the above? Let me start with a story: A few months ago I went to a seminar heard about something which sounded way too good to be true. I […]

The road to mastery

Many years ago I read a wonderful book on mastery. If I remember it was mainly about mastery in sports, but the ideas could be applied to mastery in all fields including weight management . The gist of the book was that it is a journey to mastery. You start as someone who is not […]

Real catch-22

I’m one of those illiterate, who never read catch-22 (or even seen the movie) but we all know what catch-22 is: During World War II a group of bomber crews were on extremely dangerous missions. The only way to get out of the missions was to be crazy. However, the catch (double bind) was that […]

Focus on one positive thing today

I have written other posts about starting the day on a positive note, spending one day in changing one unneeded behavior, to learn something new each day, as it is easy to make a change for just a single day. So today, you can do a simple thing: “Focus on one positive thing today.” Think […]

Jump into the deep end

Fools rush in and at times it is good to rush in. When I used to be a software engineering consultant often I would be given "impossible tasks." This is because I would never consider something as a problem but only as a challenge. And I love challenges. So I would accept whatever project was […]