Be true to yourself

If you have tried to get into our site for the last four days, you would have noticed that we could not be found. This is because we had a problem with our previous hosting company. I’ll write the details about it in a later post. At this time I have to bring up all […]

New Age Inconsistency

I was driving up the Coast Highway through Laguna Beach (slowly this time to enjoy the ocean) listening to a Jon Kabat-Zinn audio on mindful meditation. I have appreciated Kabat-Zinn since I saw him at a “New Age” alternative medicine/psychology/self help seminar. He was telling us about his research on the use of mindful meditation […]

Look at yourself adoringly in the mirror and boost your self esteem

You can only love others when you love yourself . No matter who you are and what you look like, you deserve to be loved. Remember that you are created in the image of the Spirit (Infinite Intelligence, Ultimate Reality, God) and there is a spark of the Divinity deep within your soul waiting for […]

By their fruits

In the Bible Jesus says that people are known by their fruits. That’s to say we cannot read each others thoughts and intentions but we do observe the results of people’s actions…. I was going for a walk and I saw a needy neighbor – no not needy for money but needy for friendship, sympathy […]

Phone a loved one and boost your self esteem

When you appreciate others, their value and your value both increase. When you show someone that you appreciate them, your worth multiplies. It is truly a win-win situation. The more love you show, the more love you receive. The more you help raise others self esteem, the more you boost your own self esteem. You […]

Boost your self esteem by eating out

It is fun to eat out and be cared for without having to cook or worry about washing the dishes. Chose a restaurant you like and enjoy a night out. Take in the atmosphere and appreciate the food by eating slowly and deliberately. Smell the wonderful aroma of the dishes as they go by. Listen […]

Turn your TV off for a night

Before TV existed people read and talked and provided their own entertainment. Now we are hooked…. Totally addicted.It’s as though human beings did not exist before TV. Like all technology TV may be used for good or bad but unfortunately we are much more likely to watch crap (technical scientific word for ninety percent of […]

Challenge yourself enough but not too much

A team of psychology experimenters wished to find out the behavior of successful people. They told the experimental subjects to play a game where they had to throw a ring onto a peg (like horseshoe game). The subjects were never told how far to stand from the peg when throwing the rings. One group went […]

Understand that when you are confused you are learning

When we understand something fully, we are contented and have stopped growing. However, during the learning phase of anything we are often confused. It is during this time that we are learning new skills or new facts. Remember when you first learned to ride a bike or learned to skate. At first you kept falling […]

Be a positive paranoiac

A paranoiac is a person who thinks the world is out to get him. A positive paranoiac does the opposite. She believes that everything that happens will ultimately end up to her advantage . She searches for such advantage.She has deep faith that she will succeed no matter what the odds. An important fact of […]