At times you try too hard – forgive yourself

There is a software that I’m eager to try out. It comes with a one dollar five day trial period and then you have to pay. I heard about it last night and I waited till this morning so the five days would give me a full five days of testing. As it happened I […]

End the night on a positive note

Earlier I had written that you should begin the day on a positive note. It is just as important to end the night on a positive note. The first thing in the morning and the last thing at night determine your attitude for the rest of the day. And your attitude determines your success. By […]

Be true to your word

Assertiveness is not aggression Assertiveness training used to be hot about thirty years ago and like other self help methods it has gone out of fashion. Therefore, many people imagine that being aggressive or manipulative is the same as being assertive. In fact, when you are being assertive you respect your rights, and  do not […]

How do you know you have forgiven?

Continuing the series on forgiveness and release from resentment anger and other negative emotions, we have the question: How do you know you have forgiven? Many simply claim that  they have forgiven and are free of anger, resentment and other negative emotions toward the other. These people may even believe themselves to be free of […]

Limits of positive thinking

Positive thinking is something very American. Perhaps it was the harshness of the fronteer which forced people to be positive in the face of adversities. Perhaps it is our forefather’s penchant for unorthodox religions which did it. Either way, the USA has been the source of many “New Thought” movements where the basic idea is […]

The bless you mediation

Continuing with our series of different meditations, we get to the “bless you meditation.” This is a wonderful meditation to practice whenever you’re stuck in a line or traffic jam. It is very simple: Say silently to each person you see, “God bless you.” Send out unconditional love to all in the universe. Soon you’ll […]

Holding on to negative emotions

Human beings are creatures of habit (in fact all life is derived from habituation and memory). This works great in teaching us to take action. It helps us move toward “good things” and avoid the “bad ones.” Unfortunately often the situation changes and yet our behavior does not change. We do things by rote. Strong […]

Forget? What does it mean when you forgive

Earlier I wrote that without forgetting there’s no forgiving. I mentioned that in reality it is impossible to forget anything once it enters your long term memory. What happens is that you don’t remember things. When you forgive, you tend not to remember the events that you forgave. However, there are times that you may […]

A hidden forgiveness secret

I emphasize forgiveness as the linchpin of all my change work. I have noticed many unexpected (dare I say miraculous)  results from forgiveness. There is a most powerful forgiveness exercise which comes from Cabala. It is a secret that few know about and use. I heard about it a few years ago but have not […]

Forgive and not forget?

Some people say: “I could forgive, but I could never forget!” On the other hand there are those who say: “If you haven’t forgotten, you haven’t forgiven.” Who is right? Both It really depends on what you mean by forgetting. Technically we do not forget anything. It’s just that we do not remember events like […]