Pink light of unconditional love

As I have been going through A Course in Miracles workbook, I have been able to accept small upsets (traffic incidents and so on) so much easier. However at times there are much larger upsets. There are times that you remember past negative events. you remember times that: you were neglected. you were passed over. […]

Pharmaceutical prices

I had to fill a prescription for my wife and our co-payment was going to be two hundred and sixty dollars. We decided to not get them and wait until Monday when the physician will prescribe cheaper stuff. American pharmaceutical prices are the higest by far in the world. Many years ago before I came […]

Do you want to be right or happy

I’m going through the workbook of A Course in Miracles. Today is day 19 and the thought for the day is I am not alone in experiencing the effects of my thoughts. This gives you the responsibility to change your thoughts by changing your attitude. If you are happy other people will sense it and […]


I recently wrote that it’s your mother’s fault. I did not mean that literally but meant it as a part of the human condition. We are born less developed than any other mammal because of our huge brains (our heads have to be small enough to pass through the birth canal). So we are more […]

You are not the target

The other day I was minding my own business walking when some guy was walking in the other direction. Now I always give a huge smile when I see anyone on my walks. This guy returned my smile with a small smile. I took a slight offense. Then a guy pulled out in front of […]

Power of intention

I just returned from having my teeth and gum cleaned. This is very painful for me if I do not use a strong analgesic or anesthesia (typically nitrous oxide). Recently I have been using self hypnosis, after all I decided that if I can help others mange their pain, I should control my own. It […]

Celebration makes it much better

This morning I wrote a post about giving yourself small goals and then celebrate once you have achieved the goal. My goal was to write three blog posts before nine in the morning and I posted the last one at eight fifty eight and so clebrated by going for a short walk. It was a […]

Give yourself small goals

I’ll soon start a whole series on goal setting. This post is continuation of the idea of starting the day on a good footing. If as soon as you wake up (or last thing at night before you go to sleep) you give yourself some small goals that you can do very early in the […]

Do it badly at first then improve it

Yesterday I wrote about healthy habits. In that post I mentioned that living beings are creatures of repetition and habits. Habits may lead to inertia and immobility.  They can cause perfectionism which arises from fear of failure. This perfectionism in turn makes one procrastinate. However, taking action in itself may be a good habit to […]

healthy habits

Habits – good, bad, indifferent? Depends if those habits are healthy, neutral or negative habits…. Living beings are creatures of habits. Biological systems work through repetition. You could say that the spiral pattern of the DNA molecule is symbolic of habits. The good news is that habits automate things and make life easy. However, they […]