Aromatherapy and Relaxation

One of the biggest killers in modern life is stress. We all use the term stress but what does stress mean? According to Hans Selye the father of stress research stress is a biological system’s nonspecific reaction to any  stimulus that’s to say if you are living you get stressed. Even though some stress is […]

Fishing with strawberries and cream

I was listening to the audio of how to win and influence people by Dale Carnegie. It is a book which should be read (or listened to if you like me listen to a lot of  audio books) once every few years. Dale was talking about how he likes strawberries and cream. He also mentioned […]

Libet and free will

Benjamin Libet was a physiologist at University of California San Fransisco who performed research on intention and free will. He experimentally demonstrated that three hundred milliseconds before consciously moving a finger intentionally  a readiness potential in the EEG shows that in fact we unconsciously decide our actions before we are conscious of the decision. However, […]

Procastinate procrastinating

The last post I wrote on this or any of my other blogs was written about anything. What happened was that I was moving my internet office and thus changing ISP and other things and I stopped writing as I had to do a lot of extra work associated with the move and then the […]