Be glad if you are confused

Do you remember when you were first learning the alphabet.At first it was all magical. Here were lines on a piece of paper which made no sense at all to you but others (the adults, elder siblings) could understand. Soon some of the signs on the paper became familiar. They were distinct. Others, however, looked […]

Here and now

I was going for a walk and saw a neighbor/acquaintance/friend. My friend said that I was always smiling. I replied that since you cannot change most things in the here and now, you might as well smile. What you can control is your own mind. What you can control is your attitude… *** My friend’s […]

Glycemic load

Glycemic load is a term related to glycemic index. The later index is a term which denotes the speed of carbohydrates being absorbed into the blood stream in the form of glucose. The higher the glycemic index the more rapidly the sugars are absorbed. A GI of above 55 is considered too high. Glycemic load […]

Soothing heat cools arthritis

Perhaps you, like me, suffer from arthritis or other types of chronic pain. Some of the strongest pain control chemicals known are endorphins. When these were first discovered they were so named as they were supposed to be natures own opiates (hence endorphin as inside-morphine). Actually the scientists put the cart before the horse. The […]

Oxygenate your brain

Yesterday I wrote about how sugars are addictive because the brain can only burn glucose (the simplest sugar) aerobically (using oxygen). It cannot burn fats, or glucose anaerobically (without the presence of oxygen). This means that you need the right amount of glucose in your blood. Too much you become hyper and too little you […]

Addicted to sugar?

Dangerous statistics: I was reading a book called the hundred year lie. It’s subtitle is, “How food and medicine are destroying your health.” In it I noticed the following in the beginning of twentieth century diabetes affected less than one in a thousand in the USA. By the ends of century nearly twenty percent of […]