Action as responsibility

Continuing our series on responsibility we need to understand that it is not a matter of theory (knowing what to do) but actually getting down and doing the right thing.  Remember responsibility we have defined as being able to take action and respond to whatever happens. *** I have not been writing as often as […]

Take many breaks to learn more

I have been taking an online class and haven’t had much free time to write here. Anyway, since I’m learning new things and I have given a few seminars on learning and acing your exams, I like to take a little time off to write this and listen to my own advice. Experiments on learning […]

Give thanks

An attitude of gratitude does us a whole world of wonder. When we appreciate our family, our friends, our pets, our goods, our country or anything else the object of our appreciation appreciates in value. There are so many wonders in this world to be thankful for. Do you realize that the average American today […]

Learn ten new words

Learn ten new words and keep your brain young. One of the most important indicators of a person’s success in business is the size of his/her vocabulary. It is very easy to increase one’s knowledge by learning new words. There are many books dedicated to this task. Looking through a dictionary or thesaurus can be […]

Write a letter of criticism to yourself

I wrote the original post in 1999 or 2000 – I’ll add further comments at the end: Start the letter with dear your name and then write underneath, “No matter what you do or have done you are lovable and I love you.” Then write every negative thing you may think about yourself and finally […]

counter negative experiences using NLP

This once more one of those old post I’m moving over from the 365 ways to boost your self esteem series. It teaches you to use an NLP (neurolinigustic programming) method to overcome negative emotions and fears. I used to be very afraid of injection needles (a minor phobia) but wanted to donate blood. I […]

Sing in the shower

Singing will improve your mood automatically and make you feel better. It is partially because of the way you have to breath when you sing, but there’s much more. William Shakespeare wrote in the twelfth night, “If music be the food of love then play on…” But music and hence singing are more than just […]

compromise your food selection for health

Eating good nutritious foods is an important aspect of remaining healthy as is being satisfied and enjoying your food therefor compromise your food selection for health. One good way of doing that is by mixing foods that are tasty but not so healthy with those of opposite characteristics. Thus my wife likes scrambled eggs cooked […]

Appreciate little disasters

Murphy’s law states: Whatever can go wrong will go wrong… In engineering we had a saying, “Maurphy was an optimist.” That’s to say whatever can go wrong will go wrong at the worst possible time. Note the two shuttle disasters and a multitudes of other engineering failures… Anyways the same types of things will happen […]

Go to a park and smell the flowers

Continuing our theme of enjoying and appreciating nature at this spring time, you could do your self so much good and have great fun by going to a park and enjoying the flowers and other plants.Both the walk and appreciation of the plants make you feel good and healthier. We live in a society that […]