Use downtime in a positive way

I have not been writing as much as I would like recently because I’m doing some software engineering projects and I have been busy. The day before yesterday I went out to run some errands and potentially buy a more powerful computer for my project. The very first traffic light was red and it took […]

Dislike meditation

Dislike meditation is not a command to not to like meditation but a wonderful meditation I discovered today. Last post was on smile meditation and to a certain extent this follows from where that left off. I’ll first explain the proceedure of the dislike meditation: Think of someone you do not like. Perhaps it is […]

Smile meditation

I discovered this form of meditation accidentally this morning when I was moving twelve stones from one side of the garden to the other and back as an exercise of discipline and will power. In many types of meditation one concentrates on some object of concentration and eventually notices that one is no longer concentrating […]

Priorities, discipline, flexibility, responsibility

Yesterday I wrote about developing discipline as part of responsibility. I also recently wrote that you get what you need. So this morning I got what I need to learn that priorities and flexibility in  discipline are extremely important aspects of responsibility. My wonderful wife Dr. Elaine Kindle, the founder and director of Life Focus […]

Discipline and will power through practice

Yesterday I mentioned that I started a new way of improving my discipline and will power through practice. The method comes from Stuart Wilde, a Western disseminator of Taoism, who is one of my many mentors. I have never met him but have some of his books and audios. Being true to your words is […]