Acceptance as responsibility

This post was written by DoctorJay on July 14, 2010
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Continuing our series on responsibility we get to acceptance of whatever is. We defined responsibility as the ability to respond to whatever is. Therefor you may think that acceptance is the opposite of responsibility. However, acceptance is not passive but the first stage to change. It appears contradictory but it is in reality a paradox caused by the fact that whatever you resist, persists. When you do not accept what is, it does not disappear, you are merely denying its existence.

For example the other day I was going to a meeting and even though I had given myself plenty of time there was an accident on the freeway and I began worrying (opposite of acceptance) and tried to find a short cut on surface streets. Normally, when I’m calm, I have an excellent sense of direction. However, this time I was resisting the fact that the traffic was bad and so made a mistake, got lost and further delayed myself.

On the other hand at times when I have accepted the fact that there is a traffic jam on our thousands of miles of Los Angeles freeways, I have remained relax and typically got to my destination on time and either way, I arrived relaxed and feeling much better than when I would not accept what is.

So next time you want to change whatever is (response-ability), start by accepting and then you can decide how to change and improve the situation. After having a Zen attitude of acceptance you can ask yourself a good question like, “How can I improve the situation?”

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