appreciate your adult toys from the perspective of a child

This post was written by DoctorJay on January 18, 2011
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Jesus said that one of the vest ways of entering the kingdom of God was to be like little children. That’s because children are delighted by everything, they have fun and always learn. Children have no concept of failure until adults destroy the joy and thrill of life out of them.

When I was a child I so wanted to be able to drive a car. I would sit behind the wheel of my father’s car and pretended that I was driving. I would go, “Vroom…. Vroooooom…..” It gave me such a thrill. I would feel on top of the world. I imagined that if one day I would actually own my own car and I could learn to drive…. Oh wow…. It would be so totally out of this world exquisitely wonderful….

So here I am sitting in one of the never ending Los Angeles freeways and it’s all jammed…. And I’m getting more and more fed up and frustrated…..

And then I remember that four year old boy….

Wow…. Out of this world…. I am actually sitting behind the wheel of a car. It’s mine. I love this car and I know how to drive….

So here I am in the traffic jam and I would be losing my cool by now and I suddenly go, “Vroom…. Vroooooom…..” Life’s fantastic. Who cares about the traffic situation when you can go, “Vroom…. Vroooooom…..”

So do reexamine all you own and all you have achieved from the point of view of a four year old child and boost your self-esteem.

Also in case you see this guy smiling and being totally delighted while going, “Vroom…. Vroooooom…..” in the middle of a traffic jam, don’t think he’s crazy, cause chances are that’s me…. Or better still….

Let’s hope, it’s you….

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