Walk your camera

I have written many posts about walking and how with swimming it is one of the best exercises for health. It is low impact, moves all muscle groups, and since it is cross-lateral and increases oxygen in the blood is great for the brain. In one of my previous posts I added how walking outside […]

Soothing heat cools arthritis

Perhaps you, like me, suffer from arthritis or other types of chronic pain. Some of the strongest pain control chemicals known are endorphins. When these were first discovered they were so named as they were supposed to be natures own opiates (hence endorphin as inside-morphine). Actually the scientists put the cart before the horse. The […]

How to discover if you have arthritis risk factors?

Arthritis is a disease where the joints are inflamed. It is common in most people of the world. Arthritis is as painful as prevalent and is incurable presently. However, there things you can do to reduce the pain and I’ll write about those later. You can be at risk for getting arthritis and you may […]