Take many breaks to learn more

I have been taking an online class and haven’t had much free time to write here. Anyway, since I’m learning new things and I have given a few seminars on learning and acing your exams, I like to take a little time off to write this and listen to my own advice. Experiments on learning […]

Learn something new every day

Use it or lose it is just as true about your brain as it is about your muscles. So if you can actively learn something new each and every day you keep your brain younger. The point above is actively. We do learn all the time but we don’t know that we are learning. When […]

Fun vs. carcinogens

People who study biochemistry and neuroimmunology understand that having good clean fun and laughter reduce the effects of stress including that caused by toxic chemicals and also know that barbecuing meat produces food full of  carcinogens (cancer causing chemicals). Today on fourth of July we Americans celebrate our independence day traditionally by  barbecuing hamburgers and […]

Brain exercise

The other day I found a brain exercise program in a discount store and bought it and started using it on my computer. It test’s one on five different brain skill areas: Verbal Numerical Spatial Memory Logic Unfortunately the verbal is very simplistic with spelling, anagrams, and word search and given that I’m dyslexic I […]

Physiology of mood change

There are times when you may feel down with or without a reason. At such times you can just accept the negative mood or you can do something about it. When you feel depressed your whole body including your immune system is depressed and your muscles reflect your negative mood. However, you can make your […]

How to keep your brain young

Exercise your body and your brain. As far as the body is concerned aerobic exercise is the best type for the brain. This is because the brain can get its energy only from glucose through aerobic oxidation. Thus aerobic exercise which allows more oxygen into the brain is great for improving your thinking and keeping […]

Who is in charge

Have you ever wondered who is causing your actions. Who is making your choices for you? Most people imagine that they are in charge of themselves. They think, "I’m not an addict or possessed. I must be in control." Now, this is not a philosophical article about free will but about the psychological aspects of […]