Learn something new every day

Use it or lose it is just as true about your brain as it is about your muscles. So if you can actively learn something new each and every day you keep your brain younger. The point above is actively. We do learn all the time but we don’t know that we are learning. When […]

Time and stress management

Time is moving faster and faster. We all multitask most of the time in the modern tech dependent world. This unnatural way of living makes us more and more stressed. How did we live before mobile phones, video games, music machines, and so on? Our whole conception of time has changed. Before the industrial revolution […]

Slow down before deciding

Recently there has been an egregious rush to judgment when an edited video tape  of a lady describing her growth and lack of racism was released by biased and/or incompetent media on cable and Internet. Everyone condemned the lady of exactly the opposite of what her full speech was about and she was forced to […]