compromise your food selection for health

Eating good nutritious foods is an important aspect of remaining healthy as is being satisfied and enjoying your food therefor compromise your food selection for health. One good way of doing that is by mixing foods that are tasty but not so healthy with those of opposite characteristics. Thus my wife likes scrambled eggs cooked […]

Declutter your space – open your mind

They say you write, talk, give seminars about your own needs. Thus an adult child of an alcoholic (name withheld) used to be a self improvement guru an expert in inner child improvement. His system may have been excellent for others with similar backgrounds but not necessarily for everyone. I think it is very important […]

Fresh locally grown fruit best for health

We have a tiny vegetable garden and I just ate a fresh tomato from it. It looked ugly but tasted great. The fruits we get in the US supermarkets have been selected (or worse still genetically modified) to look great and travel well. This makes them taste bland and loses much of the nutritious value […]

Two apples a day and lipitor

Yesterday I wrote about fruits and diabetes. Today I want to continue with that magic fruit the apple. As they say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” and in reality two apples a day reduces your cholesterol by approximately the same amount as taking Lipitor or other cholesterol lowering drugs at much lower […]

Fruites and diabetes

The day before yesterday I must have eaten some badly washed fruits and I ended up with food poisoning – hence no posts yesterday. I was telling a friend about my food poisoning and he said that I should not eat so much fruits since I could get diabetes. This made no sense to me […]

Feedback – breakfast of champions

Recently my life pattern has changed a little. My gym is much further away from my house and I go less often. Also a series of celebrations meant that I changed my eating habits and over ate. So my weight has gone up by a huge amount (for me). It is about seven pounds higher […]

Hanging on free ropes

I’m wondering if you, like us were the hosts of festivities, have so much extra high calorie, high sugar, high fat foods left from the fourth of July celebration. You have paid for the excess food  and now have the choice to further damage your health by eating the food (a little celebration food goes […]

Genetically modified salmon

Genetically modified salmon is about to be released into our supermarkets. It is being examined by the FDA (food and drug administration) although it may be more because it is a drug than food. Before we get to the potential Frankensalmon we have to examine farmed salmon: advantages: cheaper because it grows much faster disadvantages […]

Well balanced diet

There are fad diets everywhere. These may want you to eat one or tweo ingredients or cut down one component of healthy well balanced diets. The good news is that any diet may work in the short run. You can lose weight – and sometimes quite rapidly – on the most stupid and unhealthy diet. […]

Use your brain for weight loss

Actually given that the brain can only use glucose aerobically (using oxygen to burn the glucose completely to water and carbon dioxide) thinking deep thoughts does burn a few extra calories. In fact chess grandmasters get totally physically exhausted and lose a few pounds but that’s not what this post is about. I was reading […]