Accept that we are all fallible and boost your self-esteem

If you want to achieve more be prepared to fail more often. When someone asked Thomas J. Watson, the original chairman of IBM, how to double his success, the business genius replied, “Double your failures.” Fight perfectionism, which leads to long term failure. It is so easy to be paralyzed by a desire to do […]

Use downtime in a positive way

I have not been writing as much as I would like recently because I’m doing some software engineering projects and I have been busy. The day before yesterday I went out to run some errands and potentially buy a more powerful computer for my project. The very first traffic light was red and it took […]

Hug a pet and boost your self-esteem

As I’m rewriting this (it is an old post being transferred from the main Life Focus Center Site to the blog) one of our three cats looked up at me at I automatically smiled and felt good… When you feel good for any reason, your self-worth and self-esteem goes up: Pet’s have a wonderful effect […]

Plagiarism, authenticity and responsibility

I recently wrote a series on responsibility: Affirmations for responsibility E Prime as a way to be responsible Sincerity and integrity as forms of responsibility Humility and the power of don’t know leads to responsibility Acceptance as responsibility I language and responsibility Responsibility and must Today I wish to write about Plagiarism, authenticity and responsibility […]

Be assertive – say no and boost your self esteem

A great part of self esteem is assertiveness and being honest. Unfortunately many people in our society mix up the psychological concept of assertiveness with aggression. Also people do not understand the concept of self esteem, ans often mix it up with narcissism and selfishness. I remember seeing a film which had the line: My […]

Appreciate your health

It is interesting how we take things we have for granted and only complain when things go wrong. Typically we have good health and we do not even notice. The human body is such a wonderful miracle of interrelated systems and has such excellent self-healing capacity that we take it for granted. Well, today tell […]

Time and stress management

Time is moving faster and faster. We all multitask most of the time in the modern tech dependent world. This unnatural way of living makes us more and more stressed. How did we live before mobile phones, video games, music machines, and so on? Our whole conception of time has changed. Before the industrial revolution […]

When you got lemons make lemonade and boost your self-esteem

Another of those old posts on self esteem: It is Sunday today and it is raining very hard. This is uncommon here in Southern California and we are not used to it. So we have lit the fireplace, took our books out and are spending the day enjoying a cozy comfort type of a day. […]

Slow down before deciding

Recently there has been an egregious rush to judgment when an edited video tape  of a lady describing her growth and lack of racism was released by biased and/or incompetent media on cable and Internet. Everyone condemned the lady of exactly the opposite of what her full speech was about and she was forced to […]

Every day above the ground is a great day

I get a lot of my ideas for these posts while walking. I typically go for two or three short walks each day or one longer one. In my walks I have got to know a few of my neighbors.  Rubin is a wonderful healthy seventy five year old with a great smile. Today I […]