Gym parking contradiction

I just went to the gym to exercise. Both when I arrived here and when I left I noticed some people waiting a few minutes so they could get a parking spot near the entrance.  It doesn’t make sense to me. Here are people going to exercise and they refuse to walk a few extra […]

Feedback – breakfast of champions

Recently my life pattern has changed a little. My gym is much further away from my house and I go less often. Also a series of celebrations meant that I changed my eating habits and over ate. So my weight has gone up by a huge amount (for me). It is about seven pounds higher […]

Walk your camera

I have written many posts about walking and how with swimming it is one of the best exercises for health. It is low impact, moves all muscle groups, and since it is cross-lateral and increases oxygen in the blood is great for the brain. In one of my previous posts I added how walking outside […]