Blame fast

Combining two of our series on responsibility and fasts we get to the Blame Fast For the next twenty four hours do not blame anyone for anything that has ever happened to you. As W.Clement Stone (the author of positive mental attitude) said: within any adversity (negative event) there is a seed of greater success. […]

Worry fast

Continuing the fasting series we get to the worry fast: In the next twenty four hours if you notice that you are worrying, simply remind yourself and silently say, “Worrying – cancel, cancel,” and smile. Note the twenty four hours is only a suggestion depending on your level of comfort you can do this or […]

How to manage your weight during the hollidays

On average Americans gain twenty five pounds between thanks giving and mid January while we loose about twenty pounds on average in the following time to next thank giving. Which means we gain five pounds a year on average. Now, given that many of us don’t gain much if any extra weight each year those […]

Vegeterian fast

No meats at all in the next 24 hours. This is a getting ready for the vegan fast. You can have dairy and eggs but no meat during this fast. Now this is trivial for me since this is my typical food I eat during the weekdays. However, the series is for everyone. Some of […]

Do a dairy fast

No milk, cheese, yogurt and such for the next 24 hours.This fast is quite easy for me, but may be difficult for others. I remember eating huge amount of wonderful cheeses of different varieties whenever visiting France. In fact if I remember, one single “provance” in France has more than five hundred and fifty different […]

The hardest are the best

And no, if you are thinking about what I’m thinking: “Let’s take our minds out of the gutter!” Actually I’m writing about fasts and other tests of will power. When I was a teenager and I went to a British boarding school, I had a freind  who used to offer us sweets. It was very […]

Do a television fast

A TV fast? This means no TV of any kind including any DVDs or movies on TV for the next twenty four hours. In my gym they have TV in front of us, I have to think how I can go to the gym and not watch TV. Perhaps I need not to go the […]

Do a salt fast

This an old post which had been totally lost but I just managed to find it. So here goes – salt fast : For the next 24 hours do not consume any salt which is not in a natural food. So that means do not add any salt to any food and check the contents […]

Gossip fast

Continuing our series of fasts as not doing something for 24 hours we get to one of my favorites: Do not gossip for the next 24 hours. By the way these fast only count when you could do what you are not doing. So if you are camping alone you cannot count this as the […]

Have a speed fast

This fast only counts if you drive more than ten miles on surface roads or thirty on highways. I really don’t know if I can do this one. Go bellow the posted speed limit for the next 24 hours. I wonder if this is possible. I am going to make a slight exception. Since the […]