compromise your food selection for health

Eating good nutritious foods is an important aspect of remaining healthy as is being satisfied and enjoying your food therefor compromise your food selection for health. One good way of doing that is by mixing foods that are tasty but not so healthy with those of opposite characteristics. Thus my wife likes scrambled eggs cooked […]

Fresh locally grown fruit best for health

We have a tiny vegetable garden and I just ate a fresh tomato from it. It looked ugly but tasted great. The fruits we get in the US supermarkets have been selected (or worse still genetically modified) to look great and travel well. This makes them taste bland and loses much of the nutritious value […]

Two apples a day and lipitor

Yesterday I wrote about fruits and diabetes. Today I want to continue with that magic fruit the apple. As they say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” and in reality two apples a day reduces your cholesterol by approximately the same amount as taking Lipitor or other cholesterol lowering drugs at much lower […]

Fruites and diabetes

The day before yesterday I must have eaten some badly washed fruits and I ended up with food poisoning – hence no posts yesterday. I was telling a friend about my food poisoning and he said that I should not eat so much fruits since I could get diabetes. This made no sense to me […]

Slow down you are eating too fast

Why are so many of us, Americans, fat and the French can eat such wonderful foods full of cream, cheese and other supposedly fattening foods and yet they are in general slim? OK – one reason is that their portion sizes are reasonable (way smaller than those in the USA). A more important reason is […]

Hanging on free ropes

I’m wondering if you, like us were the hosts of festivities, have so much extra high calorie, high sugar, high fat foods left from the fourth of July celebration. You have paid for the excess food  and now have the choice to further damage your health by eating the food (a little celebration food goes […]

Fun vs. carcinogens

People who study biochemistry and neuroimmunology understand that having good clean fun and laughter reduce the effects of stress including that caused by toxic chemicals and also know that barbecuing meat produces food full of  carcinogens (cancer causing chemicals). Today on fourth of July we Americans celebrate our independence day traditionally by  barbecuing hamburgers and […]

Oxygenate your brain

Yesterday I wrote about how sugars are addictive because the brain can only burn glucose (the simplest sugar) aerobically (using oxygen). It cannot burn fats, or glucose anaerobically (without the presence of oxygen). This means that you need the right amount of glucose in your blood. Too much you become hyper and too little you […]

Addicted to sugar?

Dangerous statistics: I was reading a book called the hundred year lie. It’s subtitle is, “How food and medicine are destroying your health.” In it I noticed the following in the beginning of twentieth century diabetes affected less than one in a thousand in the USA. By the ends of century nearly twenty percent of […]

Vegeterian fast

No meats at all in the next 24 hours. This is a getting ready for the vegan fast. You can have dairy and eggs but no meat during this fast. Now this is trivial for me since this is my typical food I eat during the weekdays. However, the series is for everyone. Some of […]