Get your priorities right

It is your priorities – the important thing is to be aware of them and select them. Thinking about your deathbed may help you determine better priorities: I was leaving the house and rushing since I was late, when a mangy ugly deformed alley cat who has adopted us came over asking for food. This […]

Send blessing to each person you meet

This old post continues the theme of unconditional love which brings peace to us. Loving your enemies is not for their sake. It is not for religion. It is only for you. Coincident;y it makes the world a better place and produces good karma (religious brownie .points or whatever makes sense to you). Loving kindness, […]

Listen to your favorite dance music and dance

There are very few things other than our biological need for food, shelter, love which are common to all cultures. One common aspect of being a human is the fact that we make music and we dance. Music soothes the soul and dance may make our spirits sour. In many cultures dancing is part of […]

You have two eyes and one mouth

We have all heard the wise adage that we have two ears and only one mouth and so we should use them in that amount. I was walking this morning as usual and paying attention to the sounds of birds singing when I noticed that people who have eye sight take this sense for granted. […]

Gossip fast

Continuing our series of fasts as not doing something for 24 hours we get to one of my favorites: Do not gossip for the next 24 hours. By the way these fast only count when you could do what you are not doing. So if you are camping alone you cannot count this as the […]

Twelve ways to improve your public speaking skills

What public speaker, me? Yes, you. All human beings are public speakers. I’m not talking about giving seminars – although that can be great fun once you learn how to do it but talking to other people. We speak publicly whenever we communicate with anyone else. All internal communication is self-talk. Our communication skills to […]

Breaking your fast

Earlier I wrote that I’m doing a fast to detoxify and balanced my body and mind. I mentioned that ending the fast is very important and a spiritual quest. The last time I ate was last Sunday at around seven so by lunch time today it will be a three and a half day fast. […]

By their fruits

In the Bible Jesus says that people are known by their fruits. That’s to say we cannot read each others thoughts and intentions but we do observe the results of people’s actions…. I was going for a walk and I saw a needy neighbor – no not needy for money but needy for friendship, sympathy […]

How to be a great conversationalist

The other day I was sitting next to an eighty eight year old retired US Navy pilot. He started a political conversation and from the first sentence I could tell that the two of us were as far apart on the political spectrum as is possible and yet be in the main stream of US […]

Unconditional love

True love is totally unconditional. It is the love of the mother (I don’t mean necessarily your physical mother or father – but in some spiritual systems there are masculine and feminine aspects of the divine). The love of this divine mother is absolute and non-judgmental. It is the love which says, "Go and sin […]