Continue on in spite of adversity

The following is a post from 1999. I do not remember what the project was. The point is that persistence is one of the most important indicators of success – as Woody Allen says, “Success is 90 percent showing up.” Talking about persistence it is important to set yourself up for success. I mentioned earlier […]


Procrastination is the death-nail of many a dream. It turns success into failure, fun into dread. There are many reasons people procrastinate. A major one is perfectionism and its sibling “fear of failure.” Here we know unconsciously that the reason we did not do as well as we should have because we did not have […]

Flexibility leads to success

As I’m transferring the old posts to here, I arrived at a place where there are a few very short posts. I could transfer each one individually. This would take quite a long time as i would add a lot of new things to ideas which I do not have a lot of things to […]

Understand when it is time to change your approach to problem solving

When solving problems, it is so easy to become engulfed and obsessed in a project so that we keep repeating the same actions again and again to no avail. A wise person once said (supposedly Albert Einstein, Ben Franklin, and many others) madness was the expectation that the same cause in the same condition would […]

Accept that we are all fallible and boost your self-esteem

If you want to achieve more be prepared to fail more often. When someone asked Thomas J. Watson, the original chairman of IBM, how to double his success, the business genius replied, “Double your failures.” Fight perfectionism, which leads to long term failure. It is so easy to be paralyzed by a desire to do […]

Go for small winning goals at first

In the last post about visiting a cemetery I mentioned that I was transferring old posts from the main Life Focus Center web site to the blog. I mentioned that rather than having a goal of transferring one a day, my goal is to transfer all by the end of this year. In fact that […]

forget about new year’s resolution

Every year so many of us have impossible New Year’s resolutions which we break by end of January. In fact gyms survive thanks to New Year’s resolutions. If you, like me, belong to a gym, you notice the gym being full each January and returning to the normal people you know by end of February. […]

Discipline and will power through practice

Yesterday I mentioned that I started a new way of improving my discipline and will power through practice. The method comes from Stuart Wilde, a Western disseminator of Taoism, who is one of my many mentors. I have never met him but have some of his books and audios. Being true to your words is […]

Preview your day boost your self esteem

The first thing in the morning when you wake up and last thing at night before you go to sleep are very powerful times in terms of self suggestions and affirmations. When you wake up, go through the coming day in your mind’s eye. What things would you like to do today? What do you […]

Change your if to when

I have emphasized the value of asking good questions.  One way of asking good question’s is to change the if to when if you expect the question to be answered positively. The reverse is also true to change when into if when you expect a negative answer. Thus suppose you want to lose fifteen pounds […]