Change your if to when

I have emphasized the value of asking good questions.  One way of asking good question’s is to change the if to when if you expect the question to be answered positively. The reverse is also true to change when into if when you expect a negative answer. Thus suppose you want to lose fifteen pounds […]

A few good questions

Continuing the transfere of old posts to the blog: Your mind will answer any questions you pose. It does not ask if the question is true or false. It just comes up with some answers. Thus if you ask, “Why do things always go wrong for me?” You will get a thousand and one reasons […]

four question reason why goal writing

Next point about writing your goals is to have them for yourself. Thus if you want to become a non-smoker because it bothers your spouse, your doctor told you to stop or you’ll die, or you promised your child you would stop, your chances of success are much lower than if you want to become […]

Great questions lead to great answer

You have heard of GIGO: Garbage in – Garbage out. It’s true of computers and is true of humans individually as well as societies. You have also heard, “Ask a silly question, get a silly answer.” Now lets turn the above around to “Ask a great question and you’ll get a great answer.” The human […]

Worry fast

Continuing the fasting series we get to the worry fast: In the next twenty four hours if you notice that you are worrying, simply remind yourself and silently say, “Worrying – cancel, cancel,” and smile. Note the twenty four hours is only a suggestion depending on your level of comfort you can do this or […]

Change your if to when

The words you use make a huge difference to whether you achieve your goals or not. Using wimp out words like if and try imply failure. Strong words like when imply successfully achieving you goals. In fact your words can change your attitude to anything. If you call something as pain (or your doctor says […]

Four Quadrant Motivation Questionnaire

I have already written about the utmost importance of having and knowing your  why in order to achieve your goals. When doing hypnotherapy the reason why anyone wants to change is the most important aspect of designing the right suggestions to give. The four quadrant motivation questionnaire is a wonderful way of discovering that “why” […]

Know your reasons why

In any goal achieving situation especially weight reduction and smoking cessation it is extremely important to know your reason why. When you have a strong why the how will appear to you and you will be able to plan out a route to your goal and you will be able to get there and remain […]

Who do you love?

The way you start the day tends to continue so its best to start the day on a positive note. One great way to start the day is to ask some good questions and a great set of questions to ask each morming is: Who do I love? And then – who else do I […]

Getting better all the time

Unfortunately in the USA we have been concentrating too much on winning, rather than being good. We have heard that winning is the only thing. I don’t know about you, but when I play chess against a weaker opponent, I typically win but I don’t enjoy those games. Some of my favorite games have been […]