Flexibility leads to success

As I’m transferring the old posts to here, I arrived at a place where there are a few very short posts. I could transfer each one individually. This would take quite a long time as i would add a lot of new things to ideas which I do not have a lot of things to […]

Be a vegetarian for a day and boost your self-esteem

Anything different and harmless will increase your choices and boost your self-esteem. Physiologists and dieticians have argued about the ideal diet for human beings. Some claim that a full vegetarian diet is the ideal and other admit that even though basically we are omnivorous by nature our modern diet has too much meat for our […]

Sing in the shower

Singing will improve your mood automatically and make you feel better. It is partially because of the way you have to breath when you sing, but there’s much more. William Shakespeare wrote in the twelfth night, “If music be the food of love then play on…” But music and hence singing are more than just […]

compromise your food selection for health

Eating good nutritious foods is an important aspect of remaining healthy as is being satisfied and enjoying your food therefor compromise your food selection for health. One good way of doing that is by mixing foods that are tasty but not so healthy with those of opposite characteristics. Thus my wife likes scrambled eggs cooked […]

Go to a park and smell the flowers

Continuing our theme of enjoying and appreciating nature at this spring time, you could do your self so much good and have great fun by going to a park and enjoying the flowers and other plants.Both the walk and appreciation of the plants make you feel good and healthier. We live in a society that […]

Garden for health

I’m transferring the old posts from 365 ways to boost your self esteem on the main Life Focus Center site over to this blog as it happens I recently wrote a similar article on: Gardening for health and fun And then I got to the following short post: The principle here is similar to that […]

Hug a pet and boost your self-esteem

As I’m rewriting this (it is an old post being transferred from the main Life Focus Center Site to the blog) one of our three cats looked up at me at I automatically smiled and felt good… When you feel good for any reason, your self-worth and self-esteem goes up: Pet’s have a wonderful effect […]

Food fat paradox hoax

The advertising industry could be described as lies, damned lies, advertising. This is exceptionally true in the foods and drugs industry. I dare say: Pharmaceutical industry are worse drug pushers than the illegal drug gangs. The pharmaceutical industry pushes their drugs to unsuspecting public their drugs with many dangerous side effects when natural alternative medicine […]

Appreciate your health

It is interesting how we take things we have for granted and only complain when things go wrong. Typically we have good health and we do not even notice. The human body is such a wonderful miracle of interrelated systems and has such excellent self-healing capacity that we take it for granted. Well, today tell […]

Garden for fun and health

Gardening is another of those exercises which use all the muscles in the body and is mostly low impact (except if you were digging some holes as I did today). It also makes one feel good as one is looking after living beings. This aspect is so important that when they gave even a single […]