Flexibility leads to success

As I’m transferring the old posts to here, I arrived at a place where there are a few very short posts. I could transfer each one individually. This would take quite a long time as i would add a lot of new things to ideas which I do not have a lot of things to […]

Be a vegetarian for a day and boost your self-esteem

Anything different and harmless will increase your choices and boost your self-esteem. Physiologists and dieticians have argued about the ideal diet for human beings. Some claim that a full vegetarian diet is the ideal and other admit that even though basically we are omnivorous by nature our modern diet has too much meat for our […]

compromise your food selection for health

Eating good nutritious foods is an important aspect of remaining healthy as is being satisfied and enjoying your food therefor compromise your food selection for health. One good way of doing that is by mixing foods that are tasty but not so healthy with those of opposite characteristics. Thus my wife likes scrambled eggs cooked […]

Food fat paradox hoax

The advertising industry could be described as lies, damned lies, advertising. This is exceptionally true in the foods and drugs industry. I dare say: Pharmaceutical industry are worse drug pushers than the illegal drug gangs. The pharmaceutical industry pushes their drugs to unsuspecting public their drugs with many dangerous side effects when natural alternative medicine […]

Fresh locally grown fruit best for health

We have a tiny vegetable garden and I just ate a fresh tomato from it. It looked ugly but tasted great. The fruits we get in the US supermarkets have been selected (or worse still genetically modified) to look great and travel well. This makes them taste bland and loses much of the nutritious value […]

Fruites and diabetes

The day before yesterday I must have eaten some badly washed fruits and I ended up with food poisoning – hence no posts yesterday. I was telling a friend about my food poisoning and he said that I should not eat so much fruits since I could get diabetes. This made no sense to me […]

Slow down you are eating too fast

Why are so many of us, Americans, fat and the French can eat such wonderful foods full of cream, cheese and other supposedly fattening foods and yet they are in general slim? OK – one reason is that their portion sizes are reasonable (way smaller than those in the USA). A more important reason is […]

Use your brain for weight loss

Actually given that the brain can only use glucose aerobically (using oxygen to burn the glucose completely to water and carbon dioxide) thinking deep thoughts does burn a few extra calories. In fact chess grandmasters get totally physically exhausted and lose a few pounds but that’s not what this post is about. I was reading […]

Another reason to use virgin olive oil

Scientists have known for quite a while that the Mediterranean diet is a healthy diet reducing chances of heart attacks and other diseases. They think the use of olives and olive oil in the diet contributes to the healthful benefits of such cuisine. The fact that it has plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and […]

Glycemic load

Glycemic load is a term related to glycemic index. The later index is a term which denotes the speed of carbohydrates being absorbed into the blood stream in the form of glucose. The higher the glycemic index the more rapidly the sugars are absorbed. A GI of above 55 is considered too high. Glycemic load […]