Send blessing to each person you meet

This old post continues the theme of unconditional love which brings peace to us. Loving your enemies is not for their sake. It is not for religion. It is only for you. Coincident;y it makes the world a better place and produces good karma (religious brownie .points or whatever makes sense to you). Loving kindness, […]

Declutter your space – open your mind

They say you write, talk, give seminars about your own needs. Thus an adult child of an alcoholic (name withheld) used to be a self improvement guru an expert in inner child improvement. His system may have been excellent for others with similar backgrounds but not necessarily for everyone. I think it is very important […]

Excuses, excuses, excuses

If you have to say no to a request or cancel an appointment at the last moment it is best not give any reasons at all. However, if you have to give a reason, give just one even though in reality there may be a plethora of reasons in your own mind. Suppose you were […]

Treat every task as a sacrament

A man in the thirteenth century talks to three masons working on a building site. He asked each one what he was doing. The first man replied, “I am cutting stones to make a living for so my wife and children can have a roof over our heads, clothes to keep us warm and food […]

Do it badly at first then improve it

Yesterday I wrote about healthy habits. In that post I mentioned that living beings are creatures of repetition and habits. Habits may lead to inertia and immobility.  They can cause perfectionism which arises from fear of failure. This perfectionism in turn makes one procrastinate. However, taking action in itself may be a good habit to […]

By their fruits

In the Bible Jesus says that people are known by their fruits. That’s to say we cannot read each others thoughts and intentions but we do observe the results of people’s actions…. I was going for a walk and I saw a needy neighbor – no not needy for money but needy for friendship, sympathy […]

One hundred percent of nothing

Many years ago I owned a cassette duplication company and made demo tapes for musicians and duplicated tapes for hypnotherapists among others. In fact that’s on of the reason’s I ended studying hypnotherapy and getting my doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy. At this time I ended up getting to know a few people in and in […]

It’s not your problem

I was walking in the gated development and noticed a neighbor whom I did not know drive by. Automatically I smiled and noticed that she had a frown and acted as though she had not noticed me. At first I was about to get peeved. Then I realized that it was not my problem. In […]

Look in the mirror first

I was waiting in line at Costco to get gas. There was a rather overweight gentleman in front of me who was really taking his time. As the line behind me got longer and longer, this guy who looked six month pregnant would not move, and I started writing this post in my mind. I […]


Karma means action and the fact that every action has some causes and in turn causes other actions. There is in reality no sense of good or bad in Karma and no question of blame or getting your just deserts morally. This morning I woke up at 3:45 to go to the gym. Some times […]