Declutter your space – open your mind

They say you write, talk, give seminars about your own needs. Thus an adult child of an alcoholic (name withheld) used to be a self improvement guru an expert in inner child improvement. His system may have been excellent for others with similar backgrounds but not necessarily for everyone. I think it is very important […]

Plagiarism, authenticity and responsibility

I recently wrote a series on responsibility: Affirmations for responsibility E Prime as a way to be responsible Sincerity and integrity as forms of responsibility Humility and the power of don’t know leads to responsibility Acceptance as responsibility I language and responsibility Responsibility and must Today I wish to write about Plagiarism, authenticity and responsibility […]

Sincerity and integrity as forms of responsibility

Continuing our series on responsibility we get to sincerity and integrity as forms of responsibility. Yesterday I was talking to a friend about self-help gurus who knowingly or unknowingly perpetuate untruths for the sake of the point they are trying to make. So today I was going to start a marketing effort based on quotes […]

Cancel negative thoughts

I was just going for a short morning walking meditation and suddenly the thought came into my mind, “What’s wrong with me that I cannot do XYZ.” Where XYZ is a certain skill that many others have. I immediately caught my self talk and changed the negative self talk to a useful self talk of: […]

How to deal with adversities

Adversities and negative events are facts of life. As the Buddha said life is suffering. As is written in A Course in Miracles Workbook, “There are no small upsets.” That is to say adversities and negative events bother us in an accumulated way so that ultimately they can wear us down unless we do something […]

Make a list of your successes

I have previously mentioned that you get yourself a success journal and among other things write the things you are thankful for. This is another category of things to add to your success journal. We all have many successes in our lives . Perhaps you are asking, "Who, me? Never." Well I’ll put a few […]

Listening meditation

Continuing our series on different meditations we get to a very simple meditation. Sit down somewhere comfortable and make sure you will not be disturbed for the duration of the meditation. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and exhale slowly allowing your mind/body/soul/spirit to relax. As you relax allow your consciousness of your […]

You really are not the target

I was driving to one of my favorite places the library and had to turn right. The light was green and this guy was crossing the road. So I waited for him to get to my side. He was texting while crossing and even though he saw and was aware of the fact that I […]

Look in the mirror first

I was waiting in line at Costco to get gas. There was a rather overweight gentleman in front of me who was really taking his time. As the line behind me got longer and longer, this guy who looked six month pregnant would not move, and I started writing this post in my mind. I […]