Surround someone or some situation you dislike with love

I had written this post ten/eleven years ago before 9/11, before the never ending wars… As far as the situation in Israel/Palestine is concerned, things have got even worse. There are many more illegal settlements, and no peace in sight… So surrounding the whole world in a pink light of peace and unconditional love is […]

Relax your way out of minor addiction

I’m moving two short posts together. The point which links them together is the idea of meditation. I call minor addiction an unwanted habit, The point is that it is what is a problem for you. If you don’t have a problem with it then it is not a minor addiction. But then again often […]

Slow down and appreciate life more

The following was written about ten years ago. It is even more apt today. We live in an extremely fast paced era and our country leads the world in this field. We have sound bytes, MTV editing, downsizing, fast food, micro-management, and worst still nano-management. We move so fast that we don’t have time to […]

Dislike meditation

Dislike meditation is not a command to not to like meditation but a wonderful meditation I discovered today. Last post was on smile meditation and to a certain extent this follows from where that left off. I’ll first explain the proceedure of the dislike meditation: Think of someone you do not like. Perhaps it is […]

Smile meditation

I discovered this form of meditation accidentally this morning when I was moving twelve stones from one side of the garden to the other and back as an exercise of discipline and will power. In many types of meditation one concentrates on some object of concentration and eventually notices that one is no longer concentrating […]

Multitasking good or bad?

Recently I wrote about time and stress management, this is the continuation of the same thoughts. I first started multitasking at high school when the classes were way too slow for me. This was specially true of the Maths classes. I loved maths and was in the best stream (in England where the maths at […]

Meditating early in the morning

Meditation is basically concentrating on a single object. The object can be a word (mantra meditation), your breath, sounds going on around you,  and many other objects of concentration. There is something magical about getting up early in the morning. It is as though because most people are sleeping you cannot hear the distant rumbling […]

Treat every task as a sacrament

A man in the thirteenth century talks to three masons working on a building site. He asked each one what he was doing. The first man replied, “I am cutting stones to make a living for so my wife and children can have a roof over our heads, clothes to keep us warm and food […]

Power of intention

I just returned from having my teeth and gum cleaned. This is very painful for me if I do not use a strong analgesic or anesthesia (typically nitrous oxide). Recently I have been using self hypnosis, after all I decided that if I can help others mange their pain, I should control my own. It […]

The bless you mediation

Continuing with our series of different meditations, we get to the “bless you meditation.” This is a wonderful meditation to practice whenever you’re stuck in a line or traffic jam. It is very simple: Say silently to each person you see, “God bless you.” Send out unconditional love to all in the universe. Soon you’ll […]