live with your limitations

Perfectionism is the killer of success – we are human beings and we all have shortcomings – be kind and loving to yourself and you’ll achieve much more. One of my mentors (Richard Bandler) says that if people said the things that they say to themselves to their children, they may be arrested for verbal […]

trust the Spirit, God, Nature

The Buddha said that life is suffering, and this suffering is caused by  rejection of what is. That is not to say that we should not change our situation or we should not want. Paradoxically accepting what is allows us to change the future much better. Now the old post: As I was driving my […]

appreciate things in the same way as you appreciated them when they were new

Sex and the male rat – did I get your attention? When they place a new female rat in the cage of a satiated male rat he becomes interested. But we are human beings and can overcome our physical urges. We get used to people and things and have the saying familiarity breaths contempt. It […]

Be thankful and acknowledge people who help you

Now I can date the following old post since I got that new car mentioned in August 2000> I still love the car and have great fun driving it. Now about being thankful – I make sure that I go out of my way to show appreciation to public servants like, teachers, librarians, fire fighters, […]

appreciate your adult toys from the perspective of a child

Jesus said that one of the vest ways of entering the kingdom of God was to be like little children. That’s because children are delighted by everything, they have fun and always learn. Children have no concept of failure until adults destroy the joy and thrill of life out of them. When I was a […]

Expect the best from every one

Many years ago I was taking a two day seminar at an establishment which had a book store. The teacher told us to go to the book store. Take whichever book we may wish to buy home overnight and return it the next day if we weren’t interested. If we kept any books, we could […]

Stop, pause and take a deep breath when things go wrong

When things go wrong it is too easy to make more mistakes because we are not thinking straight – doing nothing allows us to calm down and make better decisions. The best rule may be: Never act when your mind is off balance. Another old post.  Actually the reason I have not posted anything on […]

think about the present moment from the perspective of your last day on earth

Life is so precious but we do not appreciate it until we are about to lose it. Continuing last night’s article on getting your priorities right, when people are on their death bed, they never regret that they didn’t spend an extra three hours at work. They don’t think about that one less toy that […]

understand who is the “boss”

I wrote this eleven years ago, The ven happened about twenty five years ago. It is even more apt today than then. Our mad quest for more, more, more has meant less, less, less quality of life, and in fact the current financial disaster for the American middle and working classes may have been caused […]

Know when to cut your losses

Successful managers decide slowly but decisively – they keep persisting with their decision but know when to cut their losses and then change direction rapidly. Note this is another of those old posts from 1999. My hard disk did not crash two days ago. In reality I would be even less prepared. I have many […]