trust the Spirit, God, Nature

The Buddha said that life is suffering, and this suffering is caused by  rejection of what is. That is not to say that we should not change our situation or we should not want. Paradoxically accepting what is allows us to change the future much better. Now the old post: As I was driving my […]

Be thankful and acknowledge people who help you

Now I can date the following old post since I got that new car mentioned in August 2000> I still love the car and have great fun driving it. Now about being thankful – I make sure that I go out of my way to show appreciation to public servants like, teachers, librarians, fire fighters, […]

think about the present moment from the perspective of your last day on earth

Life is so precious but we do not appreciate it until we are about to lose it. Continuing last night’s article on getting your priorities right, when people are on their death bed, they never regret that they didn’t spend an extra three hours at work. They don’t think about that one less toy that […]

understand who is the “boss”

I wrote this eleven years ago, The ven happened about twenty five years ago. It is even more apt today than then. Our mad quest for more, more, more has meant less, less, less quality of life, and in fact the current financial disaster for the American middle and working classes may have been caused […]

Accept what is

Accept whatever is. You cannot do otherwise. You can only imagine that you are resisting what is. This comes from one of my mentors Dick Sutprhen. He quotes the Buddha when he says that all human problems arise from not accepting whatever is. As the serenity Prayer says, “Lord, grant me the courage to change […]

Get your priorities right

It is your priorities – the important thing is to be aware of them and select them. Thinking about your deathbed may help you determine better priorities: I was leaving the house and rushing since I was late, when a mangy ugly deformed alley cat who has adopted us came over asking for food. This […]

Love is For Giving

I love this pun on forgiveness and unconditional love and compassion. This concludes the current series on forgiveness. First some techniques. Before you start the forgiveness choose the person you wish to forgive. To a certain extent the best person to choose is the one who is most difficult to forgive. Remember that so long […]

Send blessing to each person you meet

This old post continues the theme of unconditional love which brings peace to us. Loving your enemies is not for their sake. It is not for religion. It is only for you. Coincident;y it makes the world a better place and produces good karma (religious brownie .points or whatever makes sense to you). Loving kindness, […]

Relax your way out of minor addiction

I’m moving two short posts together. The point which links them together is the idea of meditation. I call minor addiction an unwanted habit, The point is that it is what is a problem for you. If you don’t have a problem with it then it is not a minor addiction. But then again often […]

Slow down and appreciate life more

The following was written about ten years ago. It is even more apt today. We live in an extremely fast paced era and our country leads the world in this field. We have sound bytes, MTV editing, downsizing, fast food, micro-management, and worst still nano-management. We move so fast that we don’t have time to […]