Give respect and receive respect

Too often we find it so easy to complain and be critical. When something is wrong we scream from the top of our heads. However, we are too slow to let people know when they have done a wonderful job. We are also too slow to admit (even to ourselves) that we have done a […]

Plagiarism, authenticity and responsibility

I recently wrote a series on responsibility: Affirmations for responsibility E Prime as a way to be responsible Sincerity and integrity as forms of responsibility Humility and the power of don’t know leads to responsibility Acceptance as responsibility I language and responsibility Responsibility and must Today I wish to write about Plagiarism, authenticity and responsibility […]

Shut up please and improve your relationships

Yesterday I got home a bit tired after donating blood. I wanted to take it easy (it was Saturday) but there were plumbers and other workmen in the house. I felt a bit miffed as I was exiled to the bedroom and could not work on my computer. I was about to say something to […]

Boost your self-esteem by using affirmations

Affirmations are short powerful positive sentences which are repeated over and over. This repetition has a wonderful effect on the psyche and will definitely boost one’s self esteem. The rules about affirmations are similar to those for well formed goals we have mentioned previously. They are typically in the first person singular, short, precise and […]

Two hypnotic words

By hypnosis we mean persuading people to change – it mean persuading people to do things – influencing them. So here are some words which influence people magically: Your name – this is the sweetest word to you but has to be used judicially like the other words in this list. The second hypnotic word […]

End the night on a positive note

Earlier I had written that you should begin the day on a positive note. It is just as important to end the night on a positive note. The first thing in the morning and the last thing at night determine your attitude for the rest of the day. And your attitude determines your success. By […]

Be a positive paranoiac

A paranoiac is a person who thinks the world is out to get him. A positive paranoiac does the opposite. She believes that everything that happens will ultimately end up to her advantage . She searches for such advantage.She has deep faith that she will succeed no matter what the odds. An important fact of […]

Appreciate each moment of your life

Appreciation is one of the main keys to happiness and contentment. When you appreciate someone, a situation, or an object, it appreciates in value. You increase the amount of enjoyment you get from it. The Dalai Lama mentions how valuable and sacred it is to be living this life as human beings. It really doesn’t […]

Thank your angels

Yesterday I was in a slight hurry. Exactly as I got into my car a huge gas guzzler (already my prejudices started showing) stopped in a spot that I could not get out of the parking spot. I waited and waited as the person being dropped off said her goodbyes and kissed the driver (taking […]

The road to mastery

Many years ago I read a wonderful book on mastery. If I remember it was mainly about mastery in sports, but the ideas could be applied to mastery in all fields including weight management . The gist of the book was that it is a journey to mastery. You start as someone who is not […]