Shut up please and improve your relationships

Yesterday I got home a bit tired after donating blood. I wanted to take it easy (it was Saturday) but there were plumbers and other workmen in the house. I felt a bit miffed as I was exiled to the bedroom and could not work on my computer. I was about to say something to […]

Reward immediately to persuade

Yesterday, we got rid of our satellite TV and replaced it with cable. We got one of those all in one systems which has cable TV, phone and high speed internet access. So it took a long time to install. I like appreciating people and had decided to give the cable installer a twenty dollar […]

Oxygenate your brain

Yesterday I wrote about how sugars are addictive because the brain can only burn glucose (the simplest sugar) aerobically (using oxygen). It cannot burn fats, or glucose anaerobically (without the presence of oxygen). This means that you need the right amount of glucose in your blood. Too much you become hyper and too little you […]

Some quotes of Virginia Satir

Virginia Satir was the “mother” of family therapy. She was one of the “magicians” who healed people with mental problems with such ease that Bandler and Grinder the creators of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) modeled. Here are some important quotes and concepts from her: People are capable of change – that is to say we can […]

The carrot or the stick?

The Sun and the North Wind (change through gentleness and unconditional love): One day the Sun and the North Wind were hanging together and chatting. As usual the sun was humbly powerful and the North Wind was blustering and boasting. The North Wind said, “I bet I’m more powerful than you are.” The Sun replied, […]

Declare victory and go home

This is part of a series of posts I wrote about two years ago on a different website. I thought I had lost all these posts but I manged to find them so I’ll be posting them in the next few days: I was trying to alter the look of a previous post. It was […]

Professors, rats and dolphins

Operant conditioning is a basic part of behavioral psychology and is a modification  on classical or Pavlovian conditioning. In operant conditioning you wait until the experimental animal or the animal whose behavior you want to modify (your spouse, your child better still your self) does the desired behavior and you reward it. It is accepted […]