appreciate things in the same way as you appreciated them when they were new

Sex and the male rat – did I get your attention? When they place a new female rat in the cage of a satiated male rat he becomes interested. But we are human beings and can overcome our physical urges. We get used to people and things and have the saying familiarity breaths contempt. It […]

Expect the best from every one

Many years ago I was taking a two day seminar at an establishment which had a book store. The teacher told us to go to the book store. Take whichever book we may wish to buy home overnight and return it the next day if we weren’t interested. If we kept any books, we could […]

Give respect and receive respect

Too often we find it so easy to complain and be critical. When something is wrong we scream from the top of our heads. However, we are too slow to let people know when they have done a wonderful job. We are also too slow to admit (even to ourselves) that we have done a […]

Contact an old friend

There is an old camp song you may remember. It goes something like this, “Make new friends but keep the old, some are silver and the others gold….” There is nothing quite as awesome as contacting an old friend. Years may have passed, but shared memories remain. Sitting around discussing the “good old days” is […]

Be assertive – say no and boost your self esteem

A great part of self esteem is assertiveness and being honest. Unfortunately many people in our society mix up the psychological concept of assertiveness with aggression. Also people do not understand the concept of self esteem, ans often mix it up with narcissism and selfishness. I remember seeing a film which had the line: My […]

Shut up please and improve your relationships

Yesterday I got home a bit tired after donating blood. I wanted to take it easy (it was Saturday) but there were plumbers and other workmen in the house. I felt a bit miffed as I was exiled to the bedroom and could not work on my computer. I was about to say something to […]

Gossip fast

Continuing our series of fasts as not doing something for 24 hours we get to one of my favorites: Do not gossip for the next 24 hours. By the way these fast only count when you could do what you are not doing. So if you are camping alone you cannot count this as the […]