Expect the best from every one

Many years ago I was taking a two day seminar at an establishment which had a book store. The teacher told us to go to the book store. Take whichever book we may wish to buy home overnight and return it the next day if we weren’t interested. If we kept any books, we could […]

Priorities, discipline, flexibility, responsibility

Yesterday I wrote about developing discipline as part of responsibility. I also recently wrote that you get what you need. So this morning I got what I need to learn that priorities and flexibility in  discipline are extremely important aspects of responsibility. My wonderful wife Dr. Elaine Kindle, the founder and director of Life Focus […]

Discipline and will power through practice

Yesterday I mentioned that I started a new way of improving my discipline and will power through practice. The method comes from Stuart Wilde, a Western disseminator of Taoism, who is one of my many mentors. I have never met him but have some of his books and audios. Being true to your words is […]

Action as responsibility

Continuing our series on responsibility we need to understand that it is not a matter of theory (knowing what to do) but actually getting down and doing the right thing.  Remember responsibility we have defined as being able to take action and respond to whatever happens. *** I have not been writing as often as […]

Manifestation – you get what you need

Continuing with responsibility and useful beliefs it is good to believe that we always get (manifest) what we need. I wrote the last post on the blame fast in which I suggested you go twenty four hours without blaming anyone at all. Then I went to a store (Trader Joe’s to be precise) to buy […]

Blame fast

Combining two of our series on responsibility and fasts we get to the Blame Fast For the next twenty four hours do not blame anyone for anything that has ever happened to you. As W.Clement Stone (the author of positive mental attitude) said: within any adversity (negative event) there is a seed of greater success. […]