Buy yourself a gift and boost your self-esteem

Ten eleven years ago when i wrote these posts I had a goal of writing one post a day. Since blogging software did not exist. I had to come up with a new idea each day, write it and then write the HTML (make it ready for the browser). So some of the posts were […]

Greet each one you meet with love in your heart

Continuing with the old self esteem series we get to one of my favorite posts: Some people are concerned that having high self-esteem is the equivalent of being narcissistic. However, this is far from the truth. It is impossible to love others without loving yourself. And the corollary is just as true. It is absolutely […]

Ask for something and boost your self-esteem

I used to be very shy and lost out on so many opportunities thanks to this shyness. Even now in somethings I do not go for things that I should, so this is something that I need. If you remember the following, “What do I have to lose if they say no,” you increase your […]

Accept that we are all fallible and boost your self-esteem

If you want to achieve more be prepared to fail more often. When someone asked Thomas J. Watson, the original chairman of IBM, how to double his success, the business genius replied, “Double your failures.” Fight perfectionism, which leads to long term failure. It is so easy to be paralyzed by a desire to do […]

Be a vegetarian for a day and boost your self-esteem

Anything different and harmless will increase your choices and boost your self-esteem. Physiologists and dieticians have argued about the ideal diet for human beings. Some claim that a full vegetarian diet is the ideal and other admit that even though basically we are omnivorous by nature our modern diet has too much meat for our […]

Learn a new skill and boost your self-esteem

Earlier I mentioned about using libraries to learn things and improve your mind thus boosting your self esteem. This is another of those old posts I’m transferring to the blog. This is great self-esteem booster. As a child we knew no learning boundaries. By the age of two we could walk and talk. Each of […]

Spend some time in a library and boost your self-esteem

Knowledge is power and one the best free places to acquire more knowledge is the library. Libraries are full of wonderful surprises and they are totally free! When was the last time you used your library? If it was a long time ago just go and visit your local library. Here you find books, magazines, […]

Visit a cemetery and boost your self-esteem

Once more I’m transferring posts written in 1999-2001 in a series called 365v ways to boost your self esteem. As I mentioned in the last post on not making New year’s resolution, I do not wish to set myself up for failure by having a goal of transferring one of these posts each day of […]

counter negative experiences using NLP

This once more one of those old post I’m moving over from the 365 ways to boost your self esteem series. It teaches you to use an NLP (neurolinigustic programming) method to overcome negative emotions and fears. I used to be very afraid of injection needles (a minor phobia) but wanted to donate blood. I […]

Hug a pet and boost your self-esteem

As I’m rewriting this (it is an old post being transferred from the main Life Focus Center Site to the blog) one of our three cats looked up at me at I automatically smiled and felt good… When you feel good for any reason, your self-worth and self-esteem goes up: Pet’s have a wonderful effect […]