Get your priorities right

It is your priorities – the important thing is to be aware of them and select them. Thinking about your deathbed may help you determine better priorities: I was leaving the house and rushing since I was late, when a mangy ugly deformed alley cat who has adopted us came over asking for food. This […]

Ask for wisdom for your enemies and yourself

I don’t know what is going on but as I’m transferring these old posts, I’m discovering many synchronicities.  Recently I have started sending love to people I do not appreciate (mainly politicians and radio TV broadcasters). Given that I believe that these people are destroying the world (especially the USA) and lack any loving compassion […]

Take time off for spirituality

I recently wrote about the need for solitude and this post continues that and takes it to the next level: Take time off for spirituality Today is a Sunday and I noticed that I started the day doing various chores – including: watching various Sunday morning news TV shows, shopping; cooking; looking after the cats […]

Watch some young children at play and boost your self esteem

Self esteem is based on how confident you feel at skills that you care about. Thus I love maths and I am excellent at it. This improves my self esteem. I’m atrocious at spelling (I’m dyslexic) but this does not bother me since from early childhood I did nor think spelling is an important skill. […]

Celebrate the Vernal equinox

Today is the Vernal equinox. It is one of the two days with the day and night being equal. This important day is marked by various ancient calendar systems such as the Stone Henge and the pyramids of Egypt. The reason these calendar systems indicated this day was so that the seasons would be known […]

Take a deep breath – relax – reduce stress

In many languages the word breath and spirit are the same or have the same root. In Genesis the Creator gave breath spirit to the clay and gave life to humanity (Adam).  We use the term inspiration (to breath in) because over the years people have learned the connection between the breath and the mind. […]

Twelfth Day of Christmas

Today is the Twelfth Day of Christmas; or as some of you may know it, “Little Christmas” — the traditional day of the Coming of the Magi, who came bearing gifts,  simply, and quietly, recognizing the Miracle before them. For some of you, the remembrance of the holiday lingers as you tuck away the last […]

Many different fasts

I have previously written about fasting to detox and balance. Fasting is as much a mental and spiritual activity as any thing else. Any fast (actively avoiding something) will increase your will power and self esteem by setting a goal and achieving that goal. So it is important to have a goal that is doable. […]

Do you want to be right or happy

I’m going through the workbook of A Course in Miracles. Today is day 19 and the thought for the day is I am not alone in experiencing the effects of my thoughts. This gives you the responsibility to change your thoughts by changing your attitude. If you are happy other people will sense it and […]


I recently wrote that it’s your mother’s fault. I did not mean that literally but meant it as a part of the human condition. We are born less developed than any other mammal because of our huge brains (our heads have to be small enough to pass through the birth canal). So we are more […]