live with your limitations

Perfectionism is the killer of success – we are human beings and we all have shortcomings – be kind and loving to yourself and you’ll achieve much more. One of my mentors (Richard Bandler) says that if people said the things that they say to themselves to their children, they may be arrested for verbal […]

trust the Spirit, God, Nature

The Buddha said that life is suffering, and this suffering is caused by  rejection of what is. That is not to say that we should not change our situation or we should not want. Paradoxically accepting what is allows us to change the future much better. Now the old post: As I was driving my […]

Know when to cut your losses

Successful managers decide slowly but decisively – they keep persisting with their decision but know when to cut their losses and then change direction rapidly. Note this is another of those old posts from 1999. My hard disk did not crash two days ago. In reality I would be even less prepared. I have many […]

Continue on in spite of adversity

The following is a post from 1999. I do not remember what the project was. The point is that persistence is one of the most important indicators of success – as Woody Allen says, “Success is 90 percent showing up.” Talking about persistence it is important to set yourself up for success. I mentioned earlier […]


Procrastination is the death-nail of many a dream. It turns success into failure, fun into dread. There are many reasons people procrastinate. A major one is perfectionism and its sibling “fear of failure.” Here we know unconsciously that the reason we did not do as well as we should have because we did not have […]

Remember when one door closes another opens

The following was originally published over an Easter about ten years ago. It is an amalgamation of two posts. As I’m transferring them over to the blog, I started to think about scheduling it to be published this coming Easter/ Then I thought Christmas and Easter are times of renewal and hope and should be […]

Persist in the face of adversity

Persistence is one of the most important precursors to success. In the I Ching we see over and over again, “Persistence leads to success.” William Blake wrote, “The fool who persists in his folly will become wise.” *** Make a list of three people with less education (or whatever) than you and they succeeded at […]

Flexibility leads to success

As I’m transferring the old posts to here, I arrived at a place where there are a few very short posts. I could transfer each one individually. This would take quite a long time as i would add a lot of new things to ideas which I do not have a lot of things to […]

Greet each one you meet with love in your heart

Continuing with the old self esteem series we get to one of my favorite posts: Some people are concerned that having high self-esteem is the equivalent of being narcissistic. However, this is far from the truth. It is impossible to love others without loving yourself. And the corollary is just as true. It is absolutely […]

Listen to your own advice

Often we hold ourselves back and we know the solution but we imagine we don’t know the truth. I’m transferring some (about 720) old posts from the main Life Focus Center site to this blog. I recently got a to a piece about asking for things based on the fact that people can only say […]