Hanging on free ropes

I’m wondering if you, like us were the hosts of festivities, have so much extra high calorie, high sugar, high fat foods left from the fourth of July celebration. You have paid for the excess food  and now have the choice to further damage your health by eating the food (a little celebration food goes […]

Well balanced diet

There are fad diets everywhere. These may want you to eat one or tweo ingredients or cut down one component of healthy well balanced diets. The good news is that any diet may work in the short run. You can lose weight – and sometimes quite rapidly – on the most stupid and unhealthy diet. […]

Use your brain for weight loss

Actually given that the brain can only use glucose aerobically (using oxygen to burn the glucose completely to water and carbon dioxide) thinking deep thoughts does burn a few extra calories. In fact chess grandmasters get totally physically exhausted and lose a few pounds but that’s not what this post is about. I was reading […]

Use public transportation and reduce your weight

Recent research by scientists at University of Pennsylvania  has demonstrated that people who use public transportation will reduce their weight. The researchers did not propose the reason for such weight loss. My own guess is that you walk more when you use public transportation. When I lived in London I took the tube (subway) and […]

Glycemic load

Glycemic load is a term related to glycemic index. The later index is a term which denotes the speed of carbohydrates being absorbed into the blood stream in the form of glucose. The higher the glycemic index the more rapidly the sugars are absorbed. A GI of above 55 is considered too high. Glycemic load […]

Eat low glycemic index breakfast

You have heard that we should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and supper like a pauper. You may have also have heard that eating low glycemic index meals and snacks control your blood sugar level – keeping it even and balanced – hence helping you manage your weight and stay healthy. […]

How to manage your weight during the hollidays

On average Americans gain twenty five pounds between thanks giving and mid January while we loose about twenty pounds on average in the following time to next thank giving. Which means we gain five pounds a year on average. Now, given that many of us don’t gain much if any extra weight each year those […]

Smaller plates for smaller waist

One great way to manage your weight is to do as the French do and use smaller plates. They use nine-inch plate rather than our eleven or thirteen-inch plates and only 6% of French adults are obese compared to 18% of Americans. The other thing the French do is to eat slowly, with time between […]

Eat peacefully

In order to manage your weight it is best to pay attention to your eating. This is called mindful eating and improves the health of your mind/body/soul/spirit. When you are eating mindfully a good meal starts with a moment of thankfulness. If you are religious you can say a prayer of thanks. If you are […]

Don’t look at the menu

Strategy not to gain weight When you go to the restaurant remember the pretty pictures on the menu are designed to tempt you to those high calorie larger portion – larger profit foods. The chances are that when you go to the restaurant you are hungry which is the worst time to select your food. […]