Be a vegetarian for a day and boost your self-esteem

Anything different and harmless will increase your choices and boost your self-esteem. Physiologists and dieticians have argued about the ideal diet for human beings. Some claim that a full vegetarian diet is the ideal and other admit that even though basically we are omnivorous by nature our modern diet has too much meat for our […]

Dislike meditation

Dislike meditation is not a command to not to like meditation but a wonderful meditation I discovered today. Last post was on smile meditation and to a certain extent this follows from where that left off. I’ll first explain the proceedure of the dislike meditation: Think of someone you do not like. Perhaps it is […]

Smile meditation

I discovered this form of meditation accidentally this morning when I was moving twelve stones from one side of the garden to the other and back as an exercise of discipline and will power. In many types of meditation one concentrates on some object of concentration and eventually notices that one is no longer concentrating […]

Discipline and will power through practice

Yesterday I mentioned that I started a new way of improving my discipline and will power through practice. The method comes from Stuart Wilde, a Western disseminator of Taoism, who is one of my many mentors. I have never met him but have some of his books and audios. Being true to your words is […]

Review your day and boost your self-esteem

A life worth living is an examined life… Review your day When you are in bed and you are about to go to sleep go over the past day in your mind’s eye. Remember all your successes large and small. Ask yourself the questions, “What did I do today to take me nearer to my […]

Weight loss by reduction of temptation

Weight loss is not easy in advanced industrial countries with plenty of tempting foods. These are often designed in laboratories to be addictive. So a great way to manage and reduce your weight is through getting rid of temptations. You have to be serious about this if you are serious about losing weight. Go through […]

Libet and free will

Benjamin Libet was a physiologist at University of California San Fransisco who performed research on intention and free will. He experimentally demonstrated that three hundred milliseconds before consciously moving a finger intentionally  a readiness potential in the EEG shows that in fact we unconsciously decide our actions before we are conscious of the decision. However, […]

Procastinate procrastinating

The last post I wrote on this or any of my other blogs was written about anything. What happened was that I was moving my internet office and thus changing ISP and other things and I stopped writing as I had to do a lot of extra work associated with the move and then the […]

Give yourself a deadline and then do it even if it is not as good as you desire

continuing our goal achievement series: Give yourself a deadline for any goal and then just beat that deadline no matter what it takes.  This again is a way to beat that most odious habit of procrastination which damages our chances of archiving goals more than just about any other hindrance. A friend gets into trouble […]

What are goals?

Yesterday I mentioned that new years resolutions are not good goals as we end up with huge impossible to fulfill goals and by mid-January we give up on our resolutions and once more prove to ourselves that we have weak will power and diminish our chance of achieving our next even reasonable goals. So a […]