Change your if to when

The words you use make a huge difference to whether you achieve your goals or not. Using wimp out words like if and try imply failure. Strong words like when imply successfully achieving you goals. In fact your words can change your attitude to anything. If you call something as pain (or your doctor says […]

Make a promise to yourself and keep it

From Wishpower Workbook: Make a promise that you will do something or avoid doing something for the next ten days and keep your promise to yourself. This will exercise your will power and strengthen your will power. It will increase your self confidence. Select something useful for this exercise. Thus if you drink too much […]

Yes, you can

I’m proudly watching the inauguration of President Barack Hussein Obama. This is not a political post but a psychological post. Obama’s election shows that in the USA anything is possible. I was born in Iran, grew up in England and have relatives, and friends all over Western Europe. I can guarantee that this could not […]