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This post was written by DoctorJay on January 16, 2011
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Many years ago I was taking a two day seminar at an establishment which had a book store. The teacher told us to go to the book store. Take whichever book we may wish to buy home overnight and return it the next day if we weren’t interested. If we kept any books, we could pay for them the next the day.

It was all based on the trust principle. The next day I paid for the books I wanted and returned those I did not. Later the teacher became my friend and I asked him if any people took books without paying for them. My friend replied that there were some unpaid books but in fact the percentage was much lower with the trust system than trying to stop people from stealing.

Of course this was not a book store that anyone could come to. It was people raking the seminar, even so it was interesting that fewer books were unpaid for when there was trust and expecting the best from people:

A new teacher started in a school and saw a list of her students with a number next to each student’s name. She assumed the numbers were the students’ IQs. The number showed that she had exceptionally gifted students. She treated the students the way very intelligent students need be treated. She was not surprised to discover that her students learned so easily and excelled academically. Thus at the end of the year her students had the highest achievement at the school.

The headmistress congratulated her on her extraordinary teaching ability. She replied that given the quality of the students it was a breeze and she had done nothing special with the gifted students. The headmistress didn’t understand since these were average students and had been failures in previous years. Eventually they discovered that the teacher had seen the students locker numbers and assumed high IQs instead.

This principle is true in all cases. Expect the best from your coworkers and they’ll do well. Have low expectation and that’s what you get. When you treat people as capable self motivated people, they act as capable self motivated people/

In terms of self-esteem it is important to expect the very best about yourself. When you expect the best you’ll achieve more which in turn will teach you to further expect the best and boost your self-esteem.

2011: I want to change Henry Ford’s statement: “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right,” to:

“Whether you think you can trust a person or you can’t trust that person, you are right!”

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