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This post was written by DoctorJay on April 13, 2009
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First a little warning: never fast without consulting with your physician first to make sure your body can withstand fasting.

So long as you can fast, fasting is a most wonderful way to detoxify your body. I personally fast about four times a year. Each fast can last between three to seven days. I drink plenty and plenty of fluids when I fast.

In fact I drink more water, or plain tea (no sugar) than I do when I’m not fasting. This helps to detoxify your body.

However, a fast is not just to detoxify the body. A good fast is a spiritual exercise and detoxifies the mind, soul, and spirit. When fasting, spend more time partaking in your own kind of spiritual nourishment.

You may pray, meditate, spend time in nature or do something similar….

At the same time it is important to sleep enough when fasting and laugh a lot.

Sleeping, smiling, laughing help with the detoxification. I exercise and afterward go to the sauna and sweat even more toxins out.

However, a most important aspect of the fast is breaking the fast. I’ll write about that when time comes to break the current fast. At this moment I don’t know how long this fast is going to last, but I’ll write about the end when it comes.

It is important to understand that fasting does not permanently reduce your weight. When I do a five to seven day fast my weight goes down by about ten pounds but most of that return immediately.

When you fast your body goes into starvation mode and you burn fewer calories and when you break your fast you will absorb more of the calories in the food you eat. That’s why the weight will return very quickly.

But once you understand that you’ll not be disappointed and you’ll know that you do the fast to cleans your body, mind, soul, spirit.

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One thing I’d like to add on this second day of the fast is that it gets easier on subsequent days as your body gets used to the fast.

Written By DoctorJay on April 14th, 2009 @ 10:34 am

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