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This post was written by DoctorJay on December 9, 2009
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I have previously written about fasting to detox and balance. Fasting is as much a mental and spiritual activity as any thing else. Any fast (actively avoiding something) will increase your will power and self esteem by setting a goal and achieving that goal. So it is important to have a goal that is doable.

A good fast is to stop whatever psychological addiction (strong habit) you have and transform your must’s’ and have to’s’ to wants. When you have to do something you are in its power, but when you do anything out of a desire you are in control.

So if you have to watch a certain TV show give it up for a week or two (you can even record it and watch it later).

So I’m going to start a series suggesting you do various fasts. To a certain extent whichever one appears most difficult for you is the one which would do you the most good and help heal your mind/body/soul/spirit. Remember that you are a single whole and anything you do to any one of these mind/body/soul/spirit will affect all but different fast may concentrate on one or another and yet do all good.

Here are some fasts which come to mind (they are each twenty four hours long but you can make them shorter or longer):

  • Sugar fast.
  • Don’t watch TV.
  • Speaking to any one else.
  • Speeding – difficult in Californian freeways.
  • News – difficult for a political junkie like me.
  • Juice fast – you drink juice of fruits and vegetables only.
  • Tea fast – as above with teas (herb and green).
  • Don’t gossip about anyone – difficult for some.
  • Internet – I can do that – just got to write my posts before hand and have them be published automatically.

Remember to set up the length as doable for you but challenging that way when you succeed your self esteem and will power will improve.

I’ll give these and other fasts in detail later on.

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