Fun vs. carcinogens

This post was written by DoctorJay on July 4, 2010
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People who study biochemistry and neuroimmunology understand that having good clean fun and laughter reduce the effects of stress including that caused by toxic chemicals and also know that barbecuing meat produces food full of  carcinogens (cancer causing chemicals).

Today on fourth of July we Americans celebrate our independence day traditionally by  barbecuing hamburgers and sausages (worst processed meat) and drinking lots of beer.

At the same time hopefully we’ll have lots of fun – although given that many have dysfunctional families whom they are forced to see at these occasions, often we do not have as much fun as we imagined.

So on the whole is the fun we have more healthful than the extra stress?

Who knows. What is known is that the more fun you have today (and any day), the more you laugh, the healthier you are and it is possible to over do less healthy foods on occasions without damaging our health too much.

However, if we eat bad foods (fast junk food, processed foods, refined foods) often we are likely to gain weight, and damage our health.

So counter days of excess with days of better nutrition and always remember to have a good attitude, laugh and have fun to counter the stresses of life.

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