Keep your goal realistic while you dream your wildest dream

This post was written by DoctorJay on January 4, 2010
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Continuing the goal setting and achievement series:

Keep your goal realistic while you dream your wildest dream.

This is appears like a paradox but is doable and an extremely important part of good goal setting.

Earlier we mentioned an important characteristic of successful people thus: “Challenge yourself enough but not too much.”

The issue is to keep the right balance between impossible goals and not having goals at all because they are too difficult to bother with.

Thus suppose I am over thirty, I don’t know how to play the piano, and yet I desire to become a top world class pianist, the chances of me doing this is extremely low. However, if I change my desire to wanting to learn to play the piano well enough to give a concert at the local village hall, this is still challenging but is doable.

As mentioned in the post above once one achieves one goal one can select a more difficult task the next goal so one is still challenged. So we may go from the village hall to the county seat and so on.

Another way of putting this is to keep your feet firmly on the ground as you allow your head soar way above the clouds.

Thus for another example – if someone at the age of forty while being thirty pounds over weight and with a height of five foot five has a goal to become an NBA star the goal is ridiculous. However, the same person may have a reasonable goal of becoming an excellent basketball player for his age and height. In achieving this goal he would lower his weight to his ideal and become very fit for his age.

Now, it is important that when we set our goal, we take action and persist. You all know the story of the young boy with a violin case who asked a Manhattan policeman the way to Carnegie Hall and the NYPD  stalwart replied, “Practice, practice, practice.”

So setting our goal to stretch ourselves the next step is to keep going and stretching each goal as we achieve it.

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